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Here are my air rifles -

* Daystate Harrier X in .22, Hawke reflex 3-9x50 scope and left handed walnut stock..post-47137-126666899776_thumb.jpg

* Theoben Evolution in .177, Hawke pro stalk 4-14x50 scope and dark beech ambi stock.post-47137-126666901607_thumb.jpg

* Theoben Rapid 7 mk1 in .22, Hawke pro stalk 3-9x50 scope and beech ambi stockpost-47137-126666903639_thumb.jpg


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nice guns but names?i think bottom is hw100kt, middle is a daystate and top is a daystate harrier...?

sorry the bottom one is a hw100kt 177, the middle one is a daystate air ranger 22. and the top is a daystate mk4is .

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Cheers mate , much like yours , well this one is







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hears my air arms s300 as she was the day i brought her with her first kill, the stelth is my shooting buddies.



and hear she is after so love, that she was well ready for. see the thread titeled air arms s300 revamp for full details.

aa s300 aa silencer hawke eclipies 3-9-50 ao illuminated mill dot.


see what you think.

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her is a pic of all my gear! Guns: S410 classic .22, and a part over hauled titan manitou .22





my realtree kit and dpm jacket with a hoddie my lovely nan made for me lol :icon_redface:





Close up of my titan.





Close up of my s410 Hawke 4-16x50 ao ir, with a jsr torch and laser, 9-13 bipod and sling.




My jack pyke knife.




and my lamping setup, Tracer compact gunlamp thanks to UKHUNTER, and i dont know what the big lamp is but its bunk lol




Atb Zak

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