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ok so ss has agreed that if i make a 'show us your kit' topic he will pin it up.so..

show us your guns/kit :)





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and name them and their scopes/slings/extras.

mines just an smk19 with 6x40 scope and silencer :)


hopefully gonna buy something better soon.

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air arms s400 with hawke reflex 3-10x44. im going to get a super sling and bipod for christmas and if im lucky maybe even a brand new hawke map6 4-12x50AO (woohoo)





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post-33595-1256550005.jpgBSA supersport duluxe, .177, 3x9x44 bsa catseye scope. sling,post-33595-1256549995.jpgTheoben MFR .22, 3x9x50 AGS mil dot scope, logan gun lamp, green laser, harris 9"-13" bipod, thumbhole, gary cane walnut stock
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that stock is sexy!


and expensive, always worrying im gonna scratch it


not really, its a tool at the end of the day, and it is one sexy stock lol.

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I'll have to take a pic of "Yankee Ugly Gun ". She's a meat producer, but you hate to introduce her to your friends.

haha sounds good :tongue2:

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