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Pest control

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I'm a more than qualified Heath & Safety professional

Working for a large international transport, warehouse & distribution company

I would gladly offer my expert knowledge of Risk assessment to anyone stating a business for free


This would have been a huge help to me when I started and would have saved me a pretty penny!!

Good for you to offer this!

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I am a beekeeper and have often been asked if i can remove wasp nests. This has led me to thinking i might buy myself a DR5 and do it in my spare time and make a bit of money out of it. I have up till now just used cans of wasp spray to get rid of them. My question is, can i buy Ficam D without any paper work and if not, how do i go about getting the right paper work?

As far as i know people like 'KillGerm', 'SX Environmental' and other pestcontrol supply companies will only sell Ficam D and Ficam W to those that can quote their BPCA certificate numberl. This stops the general public from getting their hands on it.

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If that we're only the case. The sad truth is a lot of professional products can be purchased from B & Q. So direct to the general public

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