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Feel sorry for them two lads

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all you have to do is click on the persons name top right who uploaded t which themn takes you to there home page, leave all the nicaties you like here like me. and many others.

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I couldn't even bring myself to watch that shit, made my blood boil as soon as that stupid bitch opened her mouth. :angry:


I'm no hard man, but I'd at least wave the shovel in their direction and pull my best scary face! :laugh:

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Well done lads for keeping your cool with these wan***s

Who the fu*k do they think they are that twat with the camera is a bully he only started

giving it large when he saw they were 2 young lads

I would love him to come up to us i would wrap that camera round the bullying twats fuc**ng head

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I would have smashed that camera to bits for coming over like that, and if they toutched my nets i would have strangled them with one, how can you comment and protest about something you have never tried?

thick as pig shit some people are honest! :censored::wallbash:


cheers, jay.

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cant believe what i have just watched. computer nearly went out the f****ng window. i know full well that anybody coming on my permission and acting like that would be going home with a fair few battle scars.

so for any anti wa***rs that maybe be browsing this site



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would of found it hard keeping my cool there

but would of liked to of kept calm like them two lads.

just goes to show some young lads which are a credit to hunting.

as if they had of raised their hand they would of lost permision

and played into the bloody antis hand which is what they wanted.

them antis sure know how to make idiots of them selves


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They must be ok with keeping animals caged ,they even admit theres something "mentally " wrong with the bird




and do they think the dogs in this vid are treated well




bet they wouldnt even bother to ask these young gentlemen :whistling:


bloody hypocrites

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What was said? No sound on this computer :thumbdown:


Well the big bird in the video was very unlady like , she said the '' C'' word , you dont really want to hear it she was very common , she admitted she had never been ferreting so i dont really know how she can have an opinion on it.


Typical of a lot of folk who think fresh meat comes wrapped in cling film, the best bit was when the daft bint said she liked animals to live a free life, you wont get much better than how rabbits live


To be honest its laughable at best

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