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im back!!! im back!! im back!!

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hey guys and girls im back!! :clapper::notworthy:


we had our baby didnt go out much and didnt come on here for a while then when i tried i couldnt log in i thought i was banned!! :icon_redface:


i opened 3 other accounts still couldnt get on every time i logged in it said i was then logged me out?? :wallbash::wallbash:


just fired up my old lappy and it let me log straight in???? :hmm:


so here i am missed out on about 9mths of thl gutted lol :cry:


gona blow the dust of my gun soon will add pics and keep you all posted!!!


just wanted to say hi to you all!!! :victory:


gona work out whats up with my new laptop see ya soon



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welcome back mate! good time to come back too! just enough time to dust everything off and get a bit of practice in before the season is underway! Al the best mate :thumbs:

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didn't realise, you had gone :tongue2:



































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welcome back bud


the site may be blocked in your internet settings for some reason i have had this before it would let me view the site but not allow me to log in


so give that a go


if using xp open internet explorer click on tools >internet options > privacy >sites and see if thl is in the managed site box if so delete it and all shud be good


hope this helps


atb rob

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