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Advanced Airgun Hunting

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The book advertised here -- Advanced Airgun Hunting -- when you go to the website it's advocating taking geese with airguns? What on earth is this author thinking? Even FAC air would be struggling...


From the blurb...


Interested in Airguns? This is the book for you. Unlike all other books on this subject Darcy breaks down the barriers with detailed accounts of taking a huge array of quarry with a variety of airguns. From grouse to geese and from rats to rabbits, all quarry is discussed and methods elaborated upon. There are scores of good photos to illustrate the stories and this book is worth buying for the pictures alone. Silhouetting and night shooting is dissected in great detail, giving the reader an insight into how to get the best bags in what conditions, never before mentioned in an airgun book. We must state now that this is not a book filled with “recipies†and “equipmentâ€, rather a good, down to earth read about a hunter’s life in the field with airguns. Surely a great present for all those that have “got everythingâ€.

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not at all !!!!!


canada geese are on the general licence.............head shot at air gun range......no problem. obviously stationary geese, not in flight !!!!






oh.....and JD is a moderator on here !!!!!.......maybe you can ask him what he is thinking....lol

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After seeing that 48 yard rabbit brain shot, C3P0 is certainly more than capable of it :yes:




PS: using your calc, there would be more than enough energy to do the biz on a Canada Goose at the same range :yes:

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Guest Scuba1

I can't see anything wrong with that. The real problem is how to get the meat tender.





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