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i Was wandering what sort of fitnes training people do when getting there dogs ready for the season.

I have done some work on the roads on a push bike and i ended up with the dog getting blisters on her feet, is that normal or was i doing something wrong?

how long would it normally take to get a dog fit and ready for a hard night out?

thanks for your help


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blisters on feet would suggest you have over done it woudnt ya think

i would have thought, but i only did a mile or so and the other dogs had no probs. What sort of distances and speeds would you do to start with and what would you work up to?



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you will find a lot of people on here mate will keep their dogs fit even through summer months and then just a bit of topping up befor season starts i would give em plenty road walking and lots of off lead running about,then start with a few miles on the bike and buld it up slowly atb

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cheers for all your help,

you have said start off slow and build it up, but build it up to what and how long do you expect it to take?

i have taken on a bitch about 4 months ago who was very under weight and have not been doing much with her as i have been trying to get some wieght onto her. she is only 14 months old.

thanks again

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3 miles roadwalking every morning at a good brisk pace then 1 hour of free running/hunting in the evening. Going to start the seasons lamping this weekend so several runs on the lamp 3 or 4 nites a week will soon have them peaking. As for diet mine get flesh of all variaties plus veg every now and again. I have never had a problem with this regime so i intend to stick with it. atb stabba.

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