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the Verminator

off lamping later on

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hi all


off lamping with the S410 later, got my cuz as lamp man! he dont shoot much and wants to come and see how its done so he may as well be useful. this will be hte first time i have lamped this place since winter so should get a decent bag!


will put pics up later if we do much good

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hi all,


thanks for the good lucks!


lets start with excuses first!

tonight there wasnt a breath of wind, there was a load of mist and to top it all off there was a big bright moon shining down on us! brilliant night for lamping! lol


anyway, when i got down to my cousins house i showed him how to work the lamp. and then there was the 50 yard drive down the road to my permission!


we went to the first place where i though we would find some rabbits and sure enough there were 4 rabbits out when the lamp when on, all about 20 - 40 yards away. i was alredy on my knee before he put the lamp on so i poped off 1 to start the night, unfortunatly the others cleared off. we went round the rest of that filed and i got 1 more then we moved on to the next field.


we got 1 shot and then the horses started running round snorting, it was time to get out of that field! we resorted to sitting on the safe side of the electric fencing and pinging the ones that were within range. form there i shot another 3.


as this is only a small bit of land, 2 horse fields, we went round again, but swaped roles. my cousin has a gamo springer, so you can imagine what its like for him to shoot a S410! lol, he shot 2 rabbits, his 2nd and 3rd rabbits ever (his first was with me the other week on the golf course). unfortunatly we finished with 7 but only picked 2 as the others were in the horse fields that we didnt realy wont to go into! those will be picked 2moro morning. if the horses hadnt been there then we could have made 20 i would have thought, but horses can be very dangerous, special on foggy nights when u cant even see where they are because the lamp will only shine 50 yards with the fog! sorry no pics though, forgot the camera!

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