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Guest Crucible

Midwest USA

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Guest Crucible

Hello, some of you know me as Crucible from Moocher's board (just got back on there after about a year of being off) but my real name is Dean. I cleared my yard of terriers almost a year ago now, still have the bug for them though and I'm deciding whether I want to get one again or not. I've been enjoying Not having any dogs... I've had them most of my life and I'm over 40. I honestly can't recall having a non-working dog of my own though most have been hounds. A friend introduced me to terriers and I've admired them since then. I sold my locating collars, kennels etc. when I placed my terriers. Now IF I get another terrier it will have to settle for living in the house and getting out occassionally for a hunt. I love reading a good hunt story and most of the folks on the message boards, and I've been known to peck a fight from time to time on the boards if it gets slow. :black eye: But all in good sport. :friends:


Thanks to the mod for getting me on here. :rocker:

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