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Found 1,018 results

  1. Holme & Colne Valley Beagles Lurcher, Terrier and Family Dog Show Sunday 20th August, 2017 Booking in for racing 9am and showing to start around 1pm Straight Racing for Lurchers, Terriers and Whippets Long Jump have a go for any breed of dog Qualifiers for Cock of the North and Chatsworth Straight Racing Qualifier for NLRC Finals Paul Sullivan Leather Couple and Lead Set for Terrier Champion Paul Sullivan Leather Champion Lurcher Collar and Lead for Lurcher Champion Rosettes and Trophies Food, Drink and Trade Stalls Field of Arborary Lane, South Crosland Huddersfield HD4 7BZ
  2. The Merseyside Working Terrier & Lurcher Club Will be hosting the terrier, lurcher and bushing dog show at The Cheshire Game & Angling Fair Peover Hall, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9HW Full Lurcher (including purebreds) Schedule, Working Terrier Schedule & Bushing Dog Show Lurcher & Terrier Racing Judging Starts at 1pm A great day out, the fair includes Hounds,Gundogs, Angling, Equestrian and much more. Plenty of good tradestands, a craft stall and good food and drink!
  3. Saturday 29th July 2017 Few miles outside of Pickering on the Whitby Road. It's held in a field on the top of the Hole of Horcum usually. Its a small show but always worth a look. Got Terrier and Lurcher shows.
  4. Is the manifold valley foxhounds show on this year
  5. Coniston Country Fair Coniston Hall, Coniston Cumbria LA22 0PS Sunday 23rd July from 11.30 Shows for hounds, beagles, terriers, whippets, lurchers RING 3 TERRIER SHOW Champion Terrier (over 12 mth) qualifies for the West Cumbria Championship & Countryman’s Weekly Champion of Champions at the Midland Game Fair CLASS 14 Terrier Dog pup under 12 months (any breed) CLASS 15 Terrier Bitch pup under 12 months (any breed) Trophy for Champion pup kindly donated by Mr I Jolly, Shap CLASS 16 Lakeland Dog CLASS 17 Lakeland Bitch Lakeland classes kindly sponsored by The Sun Hotel, Coniston CLASS 18 Jack Russell Dog CLASS 19 Jack Russell Bitch Challenge Trophy for Best Jack Russell Terrier kindly donated by Mrs J Park Classes kindly sponsored by Crown Hotel, Coniston CLASS 20 Border Dog CLASS 21 Border Bitch Border classes kindly sponsored by The Yewdale Hotel, Coniston CLASS 22 Crossbred Dog CLASS 23 Crossbred Bitch CLASS 24 Couple of Terriers (any breed) 1st prize only Kindly sponsored by Mr & Mrs S Wilkinson Champion Terrier (winners of classes 16 - 23 only) Champion Terrier will receive the Bruce Willison Challenge Trophy, kindly donated by Lakeland of Windermere and a bag of dog food kindly donated by Cobbydog RING 4 WHIPPET SHOW Champion Whippet (over 12 mth) qualifies for the West Cumbria Championship CLASS 25 Dog pup under 12 months CLASS 26 Bitch pup under 12 months Champion Whippet Pup (Winners classes 25 & 26) CLASS 27 Dog over 12 months CLASS 28 Bitch over 12 months CLASS 29 Veteran 7 years and over CLASS 30 Pair of Whippets Champion Whippet (Winners classes 27 & 28) RING 5 LURCHER SHOW Champion Lurcher (over 12 mth) qualifies for the West Cumbria Championship & Countrymans Weekly Champion of Champions at Midland Game Fair, CLASS 31 Dog pup under 12 months CLASS 32 Bitch pup under 12 months Champion Lurcher Pup (Winners classes 31 & 32) CLASS 33 Rough Dog or Bitch under 23” CLASS 34 Smooth Dog or Bitch under 23” CLASS 35 Rough Dog 23”-26” CLASS 36 Rough Bitch 23”-26” CLASS 37 Smooth Dog 23”-26” CLASS 38 Smooth Bitch 23” - 26” CLASS 39 Rough Dog or Bitch over 26” CLASS 40 Smooth Dog or Bitch over 26” CLASS 41 Bull Cross Dog or Bitch CLASS 42 Veteran 7 years & over CLASS 43 Pair of Lurchers (any sex) 1st prize only Trophy donated by Mr P Metcalf Champion Lurcher (winners of classes 33 - 41) Champion Lurcher will receive a bag of dog food kindly donated by Cobbydog
  6. Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds Terrier hound and Lurcher Show Sunday July 16th 2017 1pm start At The Kennels, Welton, Carlisle, Cumbria CA5 7ES Refreshments available on show field Qualifier for The National Working Terrier Federation Championship Qualifier for NORTH WALES CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS 2017 Foxhound Classes: 1: Unentered Dog 2: Entered Dog 3: Couple of Dog Hounds 4:Unentered Bitch 5: Entered Bitch 6: Couple of Bitch Hounds 7: Group of 4 Hounds 8: Veteran Hound 6 season above 9: Best Walked 10: championship from class 1, 2, 4, 5, Beagles 1: Unentered Dog 2: Entered Dog 3: Couple of Dog Hounds 4: Unentered Bitch 5: Entered Bitch 6: Couple of Bitch Hounds 7: Under 14" inch Beagle Dog or Bitch 8: Veteran Beagle 7yrs or over 9: Group of 4 Beagles Dogs or Bitches 10: Best Walked 11: Championship Classes 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 Note: Classes may be combined depending on entries Terriers: 1: Dog Pups Under 12 mth 2: Bitch Pups Under 12 mth 3: Champion Pup Under 12 mth from class 1-2 4: Lakeland Dog 5: Lakeland Bitch 6: Border Dog 7: Border Bitch 8: Patterdale Dog 9: Patterdale Bitch 10: Jack Russell Dog 11: Jack Russell Bitch 12: Cross Bred Dog 13: Cross Bred Bitch 14: Bedlington Dog or Bitch 15: Any Other Type Dog or Bitch 16: Best Entered Terrier Dog or Bitch 17: Veteran Terrier over 7 yrs old 18: Best Couple of Terriers Dog or Bitch 19: Championship from classes 4 - 16 Note: Classes may be combined depending on entries Lurchers: 1: Dog Pup under 12 mth 2: Bitch Pup under 12 mth 3: Champion Pup under 12 mth from class 1-2 4: Over 26" Rough & Smooth Dog 5: Over 26" Rough & Smooth Bitch 6: Over 23" Rough & Smooth Dog 7: Over 23" Rough & Smooth Bitch 8: 23" & under Rough & Smooth Dog 9: 23" & under Rough & Smooth Bitch 10: Bull Cross Dog 11: Bull Cross Bitch 12: Veteran Dog & Bitch 13: Best Couple Dog & Bitch 14: Best Condition Lurcher Dog or Bitch 15: Rabbiting Lurcher under 21" Dog or bitch 16: Championship Classes from 4 - 11 Note: Classes may be split Rough or smooth on day depending on entries Whippets 1: Dog Pup under 12 mth 2: Bitch Pup under 12 mth 3: Champion Pup under 12 mth from class 1-2 4: Whippet Dog 5: Whippet Bitch 6: Best Condition Whippet Dog or Bitch 7: Veteran Dog or Bitch 8: Best Pair of Whippets Dog or Bitch 7: Championship from Classes 4-5 GUNDOGS 1: Gun Dog Pup under 12mth Dog or Bitch 2: Gun Dog - Dog 3: Gun Dog Bitch 4: Best Pair of Gun Dogs 5: Champion Gun Dog from class 1 - 3 Children's Classes 1: Best Looking Pet 2: Child Handler Also novelty dog show RACING AFTER SHOWING FOR ALL TYPES OF DOGS
  7. Pennine FH show this Saturday. Usual place behind the Fird Inn Holmfirth to Manchester road, the A635. Classes as last year. Advert in the latest EDRD. For further details; 07714254876 or 07809207968
  8. Haydon Hunt Hound, Terriers, Whippet and Lurcher show. Sunday 9th July, 2017 Judging from 2pm at Steelrigg, Bardon Mill. NE47 7AN Hound Trails, Terrier racing, quoits, tea and licensed bar. Entries on the day. Enquiries to Heather 07800 870953
  9. Stevenstone Hunt Terrier and Lurcher show, Sunday 9th July at the kennels EX38 8JD.
  10. Eglingham Charity Terrier Show. Saturday 1st July, 2017 Starting at 1pm At Eglingham near Alnwick, Northumberland. NE66 2TX Classes for all working terriers and a class for family pets. More info from Geoff 01665 578371 In aid of Great North Air Ambulance
  11. Dont forget about our Percy Country Dog and Hound Show on Sunday 2nd July 2017 - 2pm at The Pastures, Alnwick Castle, Alnwick, NE66 1NQ To include Foxhound Classes Terrier Classes Lurcher Classes Gun Dogs Family Dog Show Have a go agility Terrier/ Dog racing Ferret Show Licenced Bar, BBQ, Morwick Ice Cream, Raffle Admission to field by donation All classes £1 per dog For schedule please see our Website – Dates for your Diary www.percyhunt.com
  12. Anything going on this Sunday? Thanks
  13. Does anyone know when hunt kennels Worcester lurcher terrier show is on
  14. Evening all. I'm from the Bexley area and I have a 7 1/2 month jack called fudge. I really want her to hone her hunting skills and would love to start her ratting. I don't know how to go about this and would really appreciate some guidance on how to get started. We are free most days (in school times) and up for meets. She is also great with other dogs but not people. Loves to chase prey. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards Donna
  15. Cheshire Hunt annual Terrier, Lurcher and family dog show! To be held at the kennels, kennel lane,sandiway,cheshire cw8 2ea Bar, BBQ and refreshments on all day! Gates to be open from 12 noon judging starting at 1pm! Lots of prizes and great raffle to be won! There are qualifiers for both Terriers and Lurchers including NWTF, countrymans weekly champion of champions, breaston, Northwales champions of champions and many more! Also on this year is a attack dog display! And have a go Terrier racing!
  16. I've looked into range days before when trying to find a place to zero by .17HMR & .22LR on. It's always nice to settle in with other people for the banter, tips and friendly competition as we hone skills. Obviously I can't use an indoor range with the HMR and the MOD ranges like Altcar won't allow rimfire. On the Fieldsports channel today there is a video of a range day at Braces near Bristol ( ) for open FAC holders. Does anyone have details of similar events in the NW (ideally Lancs)?
  17. Anything going on tomorrow within an hours drive from Yorkshire
  18. SHOW ORGANISERS Qualifers are available for The Shropshire and Mid-Wales Championships for 2017 and 2018. Championships are held at The Border Counties hounds show on 2nd July at Hale farm, Trefnanney, nr Meifod SY22 6XU Qualifers available for terriers, lurchers and whippets Excellent prizes Please message me and I can forward qualifers via email.
  19. The Blencathra Supreme Sporting Dog Challeng will be held on 21 May 2017 at Threlkeld Cricket Club, Near Keswick, Cumbria. Classes for Whippets, Lurchers, Terriers, Gundogs, Foxhounds and Beagles plus childrens pet classes. There will also be a stick show. Entry to all dog classes is free. Qualifier details, when confirmed, will be published on the show website. For further info on the show please see www.blencathrasportingdogchallenge.com
  20. Its that time of year again the mid Lancashire area are holding the annual summer show, for the second year in a row we are in a new location but hopefully we will be at this one for a while. all the normal classes for the terriers and lurchers bull x ect, so come down and bring your dogs. as people know i have recently taken over as rep and i want this show to be known as a proper working dog show and not one for the show brigade to ruin like the the rest! if this makes me unpopular with some then so be it and the judges on the day will only be picking working dogs. there will be food and drinks available and all the usual type of stalls the show will be held on 4th June at Littleborough sports club Rakewood road Littlebrough OL15 0AP judging starts at 1pm so come down and show your support for your local area and have a few drinks after the show the mid lancs ones normally go on late, hope to see you there Adam
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