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Found 660 results

  1. hi my friend and i would be interested, if you got some prices together, although we arnt really interested in shooting have you access to people working dogs out there?
  2. well gents ime trying to get 6 guns together or a walked up day the lads i normaly go with have all bailed out on me. its a mixed do with almost every game bird possible (not grouse thou) it will be about 10 birds to the gun so 6 guns=60 ish birds they will probly charged at £15 a bird but their is a very good chance i can get the price down. it was £18 a bird but ive mates rates on this place. its a fully keeper`d shoot and their is plenty of birds if ya all can shoot well theirs no reason why the bag cant be made,dogs are welcome and a date has yet to be set their is a b&b about 1mile away if you had to stay we almost always go to the pub after the day any how,well you have to dont you? the date will be with in the last 2 weeks of the season. any questions just ask it could be a good chance to put names to faces and a cracking day out too. all the best neil
  3. just moved to derby from yorkshire and looking to meet up wi some lurcher lads. getting my own dog in march if everything gose well. Had dogs before so are"nt brand new to the game i are"nt a gob shite and dont pretend to know everything about the game. I pull my weight and dont mind been a cart horse if i was invited out. I"m 28 yrs old and live near the city centra. Cheers guys.
  4. hi,im offerin a day out for a couple ov genuine people to come and fly there hawks on my 15 hundred acre land.must have own vehicle.
  5. hi,im offering a day out for acouple ov genuine lads to come out for a day to fly there hawks on rabbits,crows,mappies,pigeons,im in the north east.
  6. oyoy lads, just a quick one to see if there is anyone heading out tonight with there air rifles, was suppose to be going out tonight with me pal but its fell through, so im sitting waiting to go out, ive phoned a few lads but most are ill with this man floo thats sweeping the country, so if anyone is heading out and fancys a bit company, let me no, im in whickham , im willing to travel, i no its a strange post but im ready to go and a lil gutted me nights shooting has fell through, so if anyone wants a bit company, let me no, i have me own transport, rifle, lamp,
  7. Hi all anyone close to Burton on Trent with a ratting dog/s that fancies a couple of hours out on thurs.Get in touch, a drink of £20 is on offer. Not a massive job, just a few rats under some chicken pens.Paul
  8. Anyone want to do a bit ferreting on saterday anyone welcome pm me or could go out with the air rifles up 2 you atb mark
  9. Hello Members I am booking hunts for 2011 now , doing the first 2 days guide fees for half price usually $475 NZ per day , new rate $235 NZ per day , must be a 5 day hunt or longer. After day 2 usual day rate applies. Only for members of The Hunting Life. All other details on website http://aorakiguidedhunts.webs.com/ Thanks for looking Simon Darling Aoraki Guided Hunts New Zealand
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