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Found 657 results

  1. lm looking for someone till give me a hand till clear a few rabbits in the evenings lm in the northeast..
  2. jok

    Lounge Furniture

    I wonder if any one is interested. I've a set of yew lounge furniture going for sale. Consists of corner cabinet (China type with the drinks in the bottom), nest of 3 tables and a sideboard/hifi unit. Smashing condition. Offers. Collection South Derbs. Other than that it's going to St Giles. Must be said it's in right good condition. Jok.
  3. Anyone interested in coming out and knocking some foxes over ? We have a couple of foxes causing problems around the chicken pens. Pm me if interested.
  4. I need some help getting rid of crows asap, they are giving me a lot of bother among my ewes and lambs. It's in the Lake District Cumbria, pm if interested.
  5. A friendly D.I.Y shoot located in the SCOTTISH BORDERS looking for new members. PM me Dave for more info.
  6. Due to syndicate members relocating, there are 2 (possibly 3) spaces available Applicants must have minimum DSC1 minimum first aid at work, relevant experience,own dog etc. Resident Roe as well as Sika present High/Low seats in place, onsite accommodation (caravan) for overnight stays. The land is located within 30-40 mins drive from city centre Edinburgh 800 + acre of mixed forestry woodland,pasture, with rights to adjoining farmland. Current Syndicate lease holder (Alan) has had these grounds for 20+ years. Looking for (preferably) local lads that will use land often to control ground as major replanting just finished. All applicants will be vetted, & checked , For full details/pricing (which is very competitive - no hidden charges) contact Alan direct on 07980 060245.
  7. Scottish borders. please pm for info thanks
  8. shootlodge

    N & W Yorkshire

    Join in, log in , enjoy the sport & sell your sporting goods Pigeon, rabbit, stalking, sniping, full bore range , clays & days out , fox culls, much more......courses, coaching, instruction, 300yd range for hire etc ....... New members welcome to the site & club > enquire ... http://yorkshireshootingacademy.co.uk/ https://www.(!64.56:886/groups/YorkshireShootingAcademy/
  9. Join in, log in , enjoy the sport & sell your sporting goods Pigeon, rabbit, stalking, sniping, full bore range , clays & days out , fox culls, much more......courses, coaching, instruction, 300yd range for hire etc ....... New members welcome to the site & club > enquire ... http://yorkshireshootingacademy.co.uk/ https://www.(!64.56:886/groups/YorkshireShootingAcademy/
  10. Join in, log in , enjoy the sport & sell your sporting goods Pigeon, rabbit, stalking, sniping, full bore range , clays & days out , fox culls, much more......courses, coaching, instruction, 300yd range for hire etc ....... New members welcome to the site & club > enquire ... http://yorkshireshootingacademy.co.uk/ https://www.(!64.56:886/groups/YorkshireShootingAcademy/
  11. Syndicate Members Wanted. Average 50-60 bird days shooting 8 Saturdays throughout season. Walk one stand one, friendly shoot, home cooked hot lunch included, Fantastic challenging high Pheasants, we go for quality not quantity. Located near Pickering North Yorkshire. Guns must have working dogs. £950 for the season. Please inbox me for more information. Thanks
  12. Essex syndicate spaces Now under new management Hainuit shooting syndicate we have a few vacancies for this year's game and pigeon season we are a small friendly syndicate shooting on two farms which have woodlands meadows and arible farm land we have 12 game drives per year in which you shoot one then beat one we are putting 1500 pheasants down this year and 200 partridges to hoppfully average 30-50 bird days there will be pigeon and general vermin shooting outside of game season we also have a river running thru shoot that we plan to feed this year for ducks we also have some good flights of Canadian geese over farms the price per gun per year is £700 you must hold a current shotgun cert and have full basc or the like insurance also there's no fac strictly shotgun and air rifles only pm me if your intrested cheers rob bobbygolding@hotmail.co.uk
  13. Hi Fellow Hunters, Fishos and Spearos. I have a unique situation where I am finishing up my corporate job this year and going to be hunting, fishing and diving my way around New Zealand for 3-4 months. This is my backyard and have extensively hunted, fished and speared a large majority of NZ over the last 10 years. To see what I get up to on the weekends etc check out https://www.instagram.com/nick_binks/ I have a 4WD vehicle and boat that allows me to go to the most remote areas and islands around NZ. I also have all the gear including spare gear for people to join me. Over this period I am happy for people to come over and I can take them out to target whatever they desire. What I ask for in return is that later this year or next year that when I am travelling I can do the same in your home town or country. Individuals and up to 3 people is manageable any more would need to discuss. I will list the species and animals that I target and the best month/time frame. Deer (March to May) If you are a trophy hunter or meet hunter this is the one of best times to hunt the 7 species of deer we have in NZ. Most species of stags are in Hard antler at this stage including Red deer, Wapiti, Fallow, Whitetail, Sika and Rusa. It is also the roar or rut for most of our deer species over this period. 3 day trips are great but a week is even better to get into remote areas and target some big animals. Chamois (Any time) Early winter is an nice time to hunt Chamy. Tahr (May-June) Tahr can be hunted any time of year but the best Alpine hunting is May-June when the bulls are in the Rutt. It makes spotting the mature Bulls easier as the mob up with the nannies. Rodents Rabbits, Hair, Possums, Wallaby. These can be hunted any time of year and very accessible. Pigs Any time of year. Game Birds (May-July) Our Game bird season is different lengths for different species. Mallards (green heads) and other variety of ducks is the month of May. Turkeys, Pheasant, Quail, Geese, Swan and Turkeys have a longer season. We use many different styles to hunt the different birds and very lucky to have good numbers of all. Game Fish March –Late April. Certain areas of the country fish better at different times but depending on the weather patterns ultimately determines how long the game fish stay Albacore Tune, Yellow Fin Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, Marlin (stripped, black, Blue, Short Bill), Mako, Bronze Whaler, Blue Shark, Swordfish/Broadbill, Mahi Mah. Common fish that can be speared or fished all year around but with better weather being Late February and April are Yellowtail/Kingfish (One of the best fighting fish and gett up to 50kg most commonly 10-25kg) Snapper (The best tasting and fish to hunt up to 16kg but most commonly 1kg-7kg) There is a massive list of other fish that you can look up and I target all of them. Seafood Crayfish/ Rock lobster Paua/Abalone Shellfish of a huge variety. Obviously a certain capability is required to hunt and gather a lot of what I mention above and a more competent, fit and enthusiastic outdoorsman would benefit from this opportunity. Look forward to hearing from you. Nick
  14. got a days ferreting available in the derry/donegal area, be a good days craic..
  15. jagd.lad

    Ratting Yorkshire

    Looking to start my 5 month old pup off if anyone in yorkshire has permission and would let me tag along. From leeds west yorkshire but willing to travel.
  16. parrots2

    Tag Along Grimsby

    For a bit of pigeon shooting and a natter in the coming weeks
  17. winchester308

    Shooting Partner

    Hi all i am looking for a reliable shooting partner for pigeon shooting . full bore rifle shooting, Lamping, This opening would probably suite a retired person as i shoot mid week Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. . I live in Midlands Coventry area. You must have a current sgc shotgun and insurance which i would have to see are valid pm me for more details
  18. What can be more attractive that to have in the same trip hunting , sight seeing and fishing ???! I have the pleasure to ofer you a special program in Romania from June 2017 that will include all of this activities in one trip . The roe deer hunt will take place on our hunting area in Vrancea ( animal are hunting based on a quota and for this reaseon places are limited ) and after that we will drive and see the Danube Delta What I propose you is 3 hunting days and 3 days in the Danube Delta for animal pictures and fishing . For 2 roe deer regardless trophy size, splendid accommodation in the hunt area. Location - Romania / Europe - First 2 roe deer regardless trophy size included Hunting package price – 3 days -: 1300 euro/ hunter .....group of 2 hunters Fishing and animal pictures in Danube Delta- 3 days - 1500 Euro/hunter 2 Hunter See this Supplement for 1 hunter 200 euro Our hunting areas in our hunting domains have high numbers of Roe deer , and it would be reasonable to expect to shoot 4-6 Roe bucks over a 3 -4 day trip Method of take is rifle in a hill area . Finest Romanian meals, license, firearm permit, all transportations in Romania, first preparations of the trophy(European style). All animals are totally wild. Arrival/departure point is Bucharest airport, support for custom formalities. Period ...beginning with 1 may until 31 September The reviews that we have are excellent and the success rates are 100% All the pictures can be emailed on request . Additional trophy fee Up to 350 gr. including 380 Euro 351-400 gr. 430 Euro Over 401 gr. 590 Euro shooting fee for an injured and non recovered piece ........200 EURO/piece. The price includes: • Assistance at the airport on arrival and departure • All transfers in Romania - Round trip !!! • Complete board, starting with dinner on the arrival day and ending with breakfast on the departure day • Permanent professional hunting assistance • All necessary papers to export the trophies • Daily transport in the hunting area • Hunting invitation in Romania • 24 h Interpreter during your whole stay • Alcoholic drinks, traditional strong drinks and wine on the house. The price excludes: - Transport to / from Romania - Firearms and cartridges - Tips - Trophy export . - preparations of the trophy(European style). - Other personnel expenses Daily hunt organize 100 Euro/ day- 1 PH and 1Ranger Temporary hunting permit 150 Euro Hunting license 150 Euro References : www.unforgettablehunting.ro http://www.24hourcampfire.com/...ree_ran#Post10678048 http://s796.photobucket.com/us...zps9ebe61e4.jpg.html
  19. Wales1234


    I'm off Wednesday and not with the hunt if anyone fancy a mooch can come here or il come to you I'm really easy !!
  20. Not sure this is the correct section but has anyone experienced a sharp decline in rabbit numbers? I have 4000 acres and there are hardly any rabbits lately. I have put this down to the RVHD virus as they have all disappeared over the past few months. It has literally wiped out the population. I used to be able to go out and shoot 6-10 quite easily. The past four weeks I have shot three! Took the dog out bushing last weekend and he wasn't even marking any of the holes. I would normally start ferreting around now but there's no point if there's no rabbits!!
  21. hi guys iv got some ferreting permission, in south/south east wales. i have a terrier - marker, plus nets, but no working ferrets, if anyone fancies a day out... pm me. foxtails
  22. walshie

    Lamp Man Needed Surrey

    I've got a golf course in Surrey that I shoot when I'm over that way. The head greenkeeper has been on the phone to me and needs some problem foxes shot, so i'll be trying to fit that in with a few things i need to do in London soon. It's nice easy work. It involves driving round in a gator and shooting a few foxes, but obviously driving, lamping and shooting are a bit tricky. If anyone over that way is interested in being my lamp man for a night, let me know by pm. Sorry, no shooting yet as i'm the only one they let shoot there.
  23. Torquemada


    Anyone up for it??
  24. We still have a number of days left for the upcoming season, mainly pheasant with odd wild french partridge, duck and woodcock. The shoot is situated in the stamford bridge area of York. We have 150/120/100 bird days still available. Both single guns and teams catered for. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me via pm Thanks James (Stamford sporting)
  25. Guns wanted for growing syndicate near Clun, South Shropshire, 8 days of stand one beat one shooting, 1 walked up day, 2000 poults put down and a good few Woodcock around too, guns with dogs more than welcome on this friendly relaxed atmosphere shoot, children over 12 accompanied by an adult gun more than welcome to help with the beating too. Only a few places left now, so get in while you can