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Found 8,706 results

  1. Does anyone ferret in east devon?? im looking for some one to tag along with
  2. Is there anyone who needs help with there pest control in and around sheffield? Although im willing too travel! The thing is im spendin all day ferreting and all night lamping and only comming away with the odd one,dont get me wrong i still enjoy it but would love too go out work my dog hard and get some numbers.So i know this a big ask but it would be so much appriciated and in return i will offer my help and good company and will have a walk on my permission when ever you like,Thanks for reading people ATB Bish
  3. Hi Everyone I am living in Hatton of Fintray Aberdeenshire and wondering if anyone has any land that requires protection or would be happy to allow myself a bit of rough shooting.I can supply references and will if required shoot everything from rats to roe in a safe controlled manner.I have been out of the country for several years so i am starting from sratch.I have a Jack russell and a springer which require daily work outs and i would like to think my knowledge built up over the last thirty odd years in how to conduct myself on other peoples land would soon become apparent.In return i can help to move beasts and assist with the lambing when needed and can turn my hand to repair most things and be a extra pair of local hands during an emergency situation.
  4. Hi My name is Alan i am 39 years old, i am a member of Tony wall's Field Target Shooters Club at Penkridge farm, Staffordshire, Milride Field Target Shooter Club based in essington and the Indoor Shooting Club at Aldersley Stadiun in Wolverhampton. I have been shooting for 15 years now and enjoy the sport very much, along with the added bonus of helping farmers/landowners by controlling pests. I can be of assistance to anyone in need of pest control in the West Midlands and surrounding areas. I never take chances when shooting, safety of others and myself is always of the upmost importance to me, and i always respect the wishes of the land owner and obey the rules and restrictions he/she may lay down. I always carry my I.D. card as proof of shooting insurance with me whenever i go out on a shoot.
  5. anyone got anything for sale just got some money through im after some bits & bobs tell us what you got and i might be intrested. traps, ferret collers, slip leads, filters for lamps ect. cheers tom !!
  6. hey guy's im after a saluki x dog or bitch im in the darlington area only got 150 pound to spend
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