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Found 8,706 results

  1. As above really wanting permission somewere in north/west yorkshire for me and my cousin or for us to tag along as were both struggling to find somewere
  2. I really need to get out ferreting before this season is over to get my pup a bit more clued up. I have my own transport and in return i no some good places to do everything. Thanks alot, Luke.
  3. i have a bedlington x whippet and jr looking for some more land to work them on rats or rabbits.i would be grateful if some one in my area would let me Tagalog as just starting out and would like some pointers.i have taken the lurcher out 3 night and she is good with the lamp i have some land but not much. pm me thanks.
  4. I'm looking for permission in south yorkshire for airgunning pest controll and general mouching catapults and dog field work farmyards woods ect responsable 23 year old many thanks grant
  5. hi guys looking for a experienced dog to show my dog the ropes next season thanks south wales area
  6. permission wanted in the north east of england for shooting foxes shotgun and fac liecence holder
  7. due to problems with car. any one help me out need to get out lamping.will return the favour when i sort my car out thnxs
  8. Hi all looking for a day out with a foot pack of hounds all the best Andrew liverpool
  9. wanted permission wanted round the manchester area, responsible person. regards.
  10. responsible 22 year old looking for somewhere to shoot and learn/refine a skill. im well mannerred, well humoured and respectfull of peoples land and properties. iv been lamping a couple of times but could do with some new haunts. a shooting companion would be welcomed especially if they can give me some tips along the way. have own falcon rifle and debben atom lamp and filter.
  11. hi all i am asking if there is anyone out there round the south yorkshire area preferabley rotherham but i need permition so i can shoot with the air rifle and ferriting maybe abit of lamping pm me if so thanks lads
  12. hi folks.im looking for anywhere to shoot pigeon,rabbit,vermin etc in the southwest,i am relatively new to the sport and finding available land down here is very difficult,im located near Bath but will to travel a bit...i will obviously obey any do's and dont's...i just like walking hedgerows and fields,getting some excercise for me and the dog and having a crack at the wildlife...i normally shoot with one other person....any leads will be massively appreciated....long shot i know, but you never know til you ask.i have some woodland and other land i would be willing to share.
  13. Hi, I am looking for land on which to shoot rabbits and pigeons etc, near Westbury in Wiltshire. I use a .22 weirauch Hw99s and have been shooting for 7-8 years. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Ryan
  14. Would anyone be willing to let me tag along on a permission with them, I dont mind what sort of shoot, Rabbits, Rats anything, Just looking for a good Day/Night out. Im based in London but ill travel anywhere for a decent shoot. Im 26 and in the army so im not just some muppet that wants to kill things! Just after meeting some new people with the same interest and i have no permission of my own. Thanks all.
  15. Hi, Looking for couple of driven hare shot days in scotland. If you know any recommended estates or organisers please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  16. Afternoon all,would anyone be interested in allowing me (teaching me) to tag along.Be it pidgeon &/or rough shooting with shotgun or air rifle,London/Herts area,many thanks.
  17. Was just wondering if there was any 1 in north Suffolk area that happened to need some charlies getting rid on. Have obviously got the terriers and equipment, would also quite like to accompany another terrierman in my area that may need an extra pair of hands for digging. Look forward to any replies Happy New Year to everyone and all the best for the new season approaching.
  18. Hi i have a 4 year old saluki x and aher son 6 month and was wanting to know if anyone fancied a mooch in the Bridlington area? I'm looking for someone to do a bit of rabbitting with and the chance to socialise my new pup. Not after big bags or anything, just a bit of old fashioned work for the dogs.'
  19. Would like to tag along and do some ratting got two russell both entered on rats and other stuff please pm northumberland
  20. Alrite lads in army and posted in arbroath and dont know anyone in area. into lamping digging mooching ferreting.have lurcher and ferrets. looking to get out with people in area as I dont know anyone and getting bored going out myself all time. anyone in the area? cheers jamie
  21. hi, im fed up of useing the same permission all the time i could do with some new ground, im in the south wales aerea but i dont mind travelling, need any more info p.m me, thanks
  22. hi, im fed up of useing the same permission all the time i could do with some new ground, im in the south wales aerea but i dnt mind travelling, need any more info p.m me, thanks
  23. Im looking for some land to shoot on within the West Midlands Area. I'll be using a .22 Air Rifle so there will be no Mess or anything. I'll of course obey all your restrictions and personal requirements as well as legal requirements. Any sugesstions welcome also. I'm also intrested in tagging along with anyone whos looking to go on a shoot together within the West Mids All the best everyone!
  24. Hi just wondering if anyone could spare the time to take me out with them lamping in the derby area new to shooting got a airarms s410 and a couple of lamps cheers chris
  25. Hello, im wanting some land to shoot on or hunting partner with land in yorkshire. I have shotgun and air rifle, Willing to drive and pay for ammo. Also i will cross your palm with silver for the privilage, PM if you can help, cheers, antony
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