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  1. I Dont see anything funny here I hope you okay !!! Probably enough energy to blind somebody and that's just something to be aware of for safety reasons of course. At that range however, a 12 ft lb air rifle would have no practical use, that's all, no offence meant fella. Oh now you seems Okay just kidding !! Anyway thanks alot. when it comes to technical part of air rifles im very bad so im just trying to learn something from you guys BTW sorry for my very bad english -.-' have a nice day !
  2. Thanks to everyone Who answered my question Nicely !
  3. thank you that was helpful !! BTW im not going to hunt anything beyond 35 yards !
  4. Because the information is on Google! Anyone who has an Air gun down loads Hawke ChairGun or similar. And I usual find the "can I shoot/kill a Fox/Rabbit with a Peashooter/Air Pistol or at 1000 yards" to have tried or will attempt to try to do so! Just my opinion and what I make of "these" type of questions, many of which I have come across during my 40 years as a shooter! I did look for an answer on google but was many different answers so i wanted to check it out in special website for hunting or air rifles ( i thought iam gonna find some NICE professionals who will answer my question nicely!!!! but i guess im gonna stick to google for now ! thanks anyway !
  5. Thank you ! i already said why : CURIOUSITY
  6. I Dont see anything funny here I hope you okay !!!
  7. Hello all, im new here What's the retained energy in 11.5 ft lb at 100 yards? do still have enough power to kill anything or not?? BTW im NOT going to shoot anything beyond 35 yards, im just very curious about air rifles thats all !!! Thank you
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