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    Boxing At The Weekend...

    In the wider scheme of things why does folk take these boxers life an performances to heart? At the end of the day folk don't have to watch or pay for the fights, it's a choice. I just can't understand the hate for these boxers, there out there earning a crust by fighting, have any of us folk had the balls or the will to do it Easy for armchair athletes to quickly put down these men, I think it must be jealously, actually it is jealously. Dry your eyes an turn off if you don't like, calling boys bums cause they couldn't survive at the top,they'd spark out most on here, not many survive at the top, hats off to the men that have tried. Gone on to feck lads these bums put the time in have any of you. Oh happy father's Day
  2. Francie

    Cannabis oil

    I don't think smoking weed without tabacco will cure cancer, but certainly the full spectrum oil will, plus lifestyle changes.
  3. Francie


    As simple as that
  4. Francie


    Micky gove has admitted to taking cocaine 20 years ago eh Some cheek thon c**t
  5. Francie

    Steptoe refuses to meet Trump

    Them ejits didn't mind meeting the Chinese premier or the Saudi royality, hypocrites
  6. Francie


    If your granny had balls she'd be your granda, sorry wilf
  7. Francie


    CO2 is a plant nutrient!fact!
  8. Francie

    Turkey eggs

    That sounds cheap enough grey, are they a tad bigger than chicken eggs?
  9. Francie

    Turkey eggs

    Have you laying turkeys greyman?
  10. Francie

    the fight

    Ahahahaha f**k me Len big Josh sparked, I wanted him to win so he could fight fury too
  11. Francie

    the fight

    That's all she wrote
  12. Francie

    the fight

    What happened, did big Josh get knocked out?
  13. Francie

    the fight

    Ray Joshua said recently that he wants to fight wilder in two years preferably.
  14. Francie

    Funny Joke Thread

    Funny but chillingly true anymore of them mate.
  15. Francie


    Can the Brexit party run in a general election an could nice become pm?
  16. Francie


    So how's the polls going
  17. Francie

    kenny noye to be released from prison

    Liberal lefty nutcases mate
  18. Francie

    Gone for it...

    Good luck mate
  19. Francie

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    Keep her lit lads, an ginger throw up a pic or something that's pretty impressive pal
  20. Francie

    royal baby

    Reptilian eh? You've lost me? Calm down shark, it was relative to the topic, an it was gnash who brought it up. Obsessed way religion lol I'm not religious brother far from it. An
  21. Francie

    One champioship

    Get on it lads,free app watch all the fights, for kickboxing fans this is heaven lol what a tournament Can't load the link from fb
  22. Francie

    royal baby

    We've all some different (race)in us, but we all know on here, when years an years pass especially thousands, then it's watered down to eventually more or less gone. So recent breeding is the most important.
  23. Francie

    royal baby

    Yes it does gnash, but he might not admit it Chris will say we've all a common ancestor if you go back far enough, an it's correct, an I say that's Adam an Eve, makes most scientific sense. But Chris will say (Adam an Eve) was the missing link yet to be found lol
  24. Francie

    Trump Under Fire

    Trump an Victor orban. Very good info, he's tariffed China worth a few bill an he has room to do more, talks of Iran.
  25. Francie

    Trump Under Fire

    Looks like trump is well on his way to fulfilling his campaign promise to build the wall, he got 1billion in march an now another 1,5 billion to build eighty mile wall at the southern border.