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  1. Haha thank you gnash so in your opinion would they still have side affects mate?
  2. It's called anavarol gnash, says its has the same affects as anavar but without the side affects mate. Tablet form.
  3. @gnasher16@gnasher16 Is this one of those legal supplements with anavar in it mate? Would this be any good? Oral stuff @Jobi without the side affects
  4. Looking good ted
  5. What happened to the big hound lurcher ye had lad?
  6. Francie


    Boris pulling a moonwalk
  7. t8a6EUkwiUk Looks like the truths out, them Dems are a poisonous lot
  8. Well his rebuttal was what was needed, as usual they've taken it out of context. He said if they didn't like America they could go, or stay it's up to them. Canon Chris he's the president of USA an these Congress women are anti American all the way what do you want him to say.
  9. Because she's a stark raving leftist buddy, an it apparently she didnt like his stance on gay marriage.
  10. https://youtu.be/BJFiE5TQm9c Mad hoor, woman pushes priest of a stage
  11. Thanks for all info lads hard to choose but suppose it's just for work, IL pick one outa a hat lol
  12. Thank you lads for the input
  13. What's a composite toe chid?
  14. I'm looking to get a new pair, I work indoors so they don't have to be waterproof. They'll need a steel toe, an i need a real comfy pair as I'm on my feet all day. Can anyone recommend a pair? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hippocrates of the highest order
  16. Sorry to hear about your friend mush. IL watch it later thanks. What I will say is there's cures for cancer It's all about big money, cancer is a multi billion dollar business, I'm not saying doctors are complicit, some are,but most are ignorant. Big pharma are evil b*****ds, just remember your no good to them if your healthy, only if your sick.
  17. Goodman Pete keep her lit lad
  18. Looking well Pete am sure she will excel this season for you lad
  19. Thank you Graham for your input anymore pics an stories?
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