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  1. Slow night is it? Fox photos aren't taken on the estate. I can assure you of that.
  2. If you get a bridge you will only want a Dslr soon enough. Get something like a nikon D3200 or something. it has a 24.4megapixel sensor and can record video in full HD too. You can pick them up for just over £200 with a lens combo I think. You can either use it like you would just taking snap shots or really start getting into it and get some awesome photos.
  3. Dogs fight yes....this wasn't a fight though was it. Could have just as easily turned on my old dear. it also could have been any other breed, I'm not stigmatising bull breeds at all, i love them. Dogs healing fine...back to her usual self, just with a lot of holes in her back and legs.
  4. Never been a fan of borders but seeing these proper workers has given me a soft spot for them
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