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  1. really nice work, love the colour of liner you used, glows up the polished horn a treat, look like its real comfy to hold too
  2. nice shape to the blade, the plastic scale pattern looks a bit too ripply to be comfortable for me, nice work tho
  3. carbon fiber comes in many types of weave patterns thanks for commenting, happy hunting
  4. dont take long before you do spot the pi$$ takers, they soon show themselves
  5. thanks for sharing, nice to read about a fellow hunter doing the right thing, bet your nan enjoyed that pie, looks very tasty
  6. Thanks for sharing, great write up, glad you have started to enjoy your rifle, its certainly looks good, i like eating squirrel, with the pigeon you got and them squirrels id have a nice game fry up with a tin of new potatoes on the side
  7. good point, i naturally assumed that was all checked, if when filling the rifle, the gauge on the bottle reads 130bar with the valve fully open on the bottle then the bottle needs filling
  8. Had this made for me a few years ago, was sent to me with a card cut in half, was told its a 1 of, im amazed at how comfortable it is to use, side shooter through the fork is my style i prefer, thanks for looking
  9. first thing, as i said above, when the rifle reaches lower than 100 bar, theres not enough pressure keeping the valve closed so it dumps all the air left in cylinder, to fill back up cock the bolt back and keep it back so that its not pushing against the valve holding it open a bit, then give it a blast, dont go too mad and it will close the valve up, soon as it starts taking air again slow down the input of air and fill as normal you might have another problem not related to this but its worth a try, just be careful
  10. what happens when you fill past 130 bar, also when you run down the air past a certain pressure, some air rifle valves require a certain pressure left in the cylinder to keep the valve closed, run right past this point and it will require a sharp blast of air from the fill bottle to shut it so it can be filled up again
  11. ive found something that looks like what your after, just have to find a uk dealer http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Dovetail-11mm-to-Weaver-Picatinny-21mm-Rail-Extension-Offset-Adapter-Riser-Mount/584074817.html
  12. is there anything on ant supplies that would do the job http://ant-supplies.co.uk/Pages/RailsAndAdapters.aspx#weaver-picatinny-rails
  13. theres a guy on youtube that followed that book as a guide
  14. it brought the point across very nicely
  15. i suppose its hard to imagine what its like when you have a bad back or neck and the slightest movement can be very painful, so opting for a rifle to be as light as possible but still retaining quality so you are able to keep this sport alive and to carry on enjoying yourself doing what you love is a very good thing and will always have my support, im very glad bauble you got back into it and hope you get back the enjoyment you once had in the sport
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