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  1. Navek

    Song birds

    Need some advice attracting song birds to the garden . Plenty of them around and can hear them but can’t get them to feed on feeders . The old guy at top street got loads calling in his garden in his feeders and he just feeds sunflower hearts same as me but can’t get them come in to mine . Any advice
  2. Did that tess come from Staffordshire way ..
  3. Navek

    f****n choice it is

    Who the f**k reports someone for thee dog not having a name tag lol I don’t think I ever owned a dog with a name tag and never will tell them get f****d ..
  4. Navek


    Don’t eat yellow snow .. never sleep with another mans wife ..never tell your wife her fat makes her look fat ,not the dress
  5. Navek

    Next season pup for comps

    No ones saying we are are we some people have learnt there lessons from posting stupid shit and there fore advising people new to the site not to do the same ... so get of your horse Robbin hood protecting the helpless
  6. Navek

    Next season pup for comps

    If your referring to me then I don’t ride I high horse ... more of a Shetland kinda guy
  7. Navek

    Next season pup for comps

    Wouldn’t be putting stuff like that on this forum .. or any open forum for that mater
  8. Navek

    Half cross pup

    Working class who for one had time for there animals .....
  9. Navek


    We’re doing that round here .shame really because there one or two round here who are sound couple of the old ones I could sit and listen too all day ..it’s the younger ones who ruining it for the older ones .. my mum used live in a little village when she was a young un where she said every year a family of travelers came through and parked up horses pegged out on the green and they would do work in the village my sister still lives in tha5 same village now and the village won’t have any travlers there now as they got sick of all the fly tipping of tree jobs and old waste all over the fields and the kids robbing every thing in site
  10. Navek

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Your never going get them holes in your wellies fixed keep wasting your money on bumb fights
  11. Navek

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Clothes on or off
  12. Navek


    Think most the romantic nostalgia comes from when they were living on the side of the road living off the land and collecting scrap or moving from farm to farm with the work .... now it’s all crew cab tippers bright colour vest who got the most money my family harder than your family and do you want your drive tarmaced...
  13. Navek


    Why would anyone want to lol .. every time me and my missus go out for something eat we get mistaken for travlers .. even been refused drinks in pubs and some pubs wouldn’t let us get to the bar ..
  14. Navek

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Why would anyone go watch him ..even if it was for free I still wouldn’t go...guys a joke .. more entertaining watching my missus give me a good hiding for trying have a dabble of her mother
  15. Thl will crash in a min everyone will be searching spoof in the members section
  16. Depends on if he’s part of the hunting life clique
  17. Can’t wait for tomorrow
  18. I’ve always found them bitching on the hunting life
  19. Navek

    Next season pup for comps

    Young dog match’s I presume..
  20. Navek

    Staffy Bull

    Wasn’t there something about seeing the whites of there eyes too ?
  21. Navek

    Next season pup for comps

    New you’d like it because it’s a whippet grey x labradoodle
  22. get your side across if you no something you should say.......I’m just been nosey