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  1. kimgary

    Dive Bottle Help

    Here :- http://www.kurversschietsport.nl/index.php/features-mainmenu-47/pcp-aansluitmateriaal/produkt/216-300-bar-compressor-reserveer-nu-nieuwe-voorraad-eind-april £720 from Netherlands could you get some mates to chip in?, if not offer filling service and get some money back. Regards Gary.
  2. kimgary


    The £25-£30 price is with materials for laying! :-) " not the blocks though"
  3. kimgary


    10 blocks to the metre, about £25-£30 per metre labour. ATB Gary.
  4. kimgary

    Air Arms S410

    I don't let mine drop below 100 bar. Regards Gary.
  5. kimgary


    Do you notice a real difference/ accuracy with the Leica as to the hawke? Regards Gary. PS :- Ah the red mist, once that hits the rest is history, ATB :-)
  6. kimgary


    Thats the model I bought in the end, figured its very rare you would need to shoot over 1/4 mile, when I can do or if i need to in the future I can always upgrade but at the moment I am really pleased with it, seems very accurate, the only gripe is if they had made the case just 10mm bigger allround it would be so much easier to get in the case. I suppose everything today is designed with CAD, so as long as it fits in the case on the screen thats it, just wish they would go back to the old days, make a prototype and then play with it for real. Regards Gary
  7. kimgary


    Interesting most decent companies automatically extend their warranty's to 13 months. You actually have 6 years warranty under your consumer rights, I think I would have played the not fit for purpose card, bearing in mind the cost of the unit it should function for more than 13 months, even if it broke after 5 years and they could not repair it they would be allowed to take in consideration that you have had 5 years use but you would then get a percentage of the purchase price back or off a new unit. Being a service Engineer I met and dealt with customers who stuck to their guns and got the service they deserved. Regardless of the time that has past I would get hold of the MD's E-mail and drop him line, sometimes its not the actual company thats difficult it can be one person who happens to be dealing with it, some of the Engineers I worked with would not give an inch on warranties others, me included, treated people as we would want to be treated and used or discretion, resulting in very happy and dedicated customers for the future. Drop him an E-mail mate. Regards Gary.
  8. kimgary

    Digital Scales

    Having worked for Avery Berkel in the past I would like to say that modern digital scales are very accurate, \i use a small one from e-bay about £ 10.00 for measuring curing chemicals for home curing etc, mine reads to 2 decimal places. A handy scale checker is as follows:- 1p = 3.56 grams 2p = 7.12 grams 5p = 3.25 grams 10p = 6.5 grams 20p = 5.00 grams 50p =8.00 grams £1 = 9.5 grams £2 = 12.00 grams always check the calibration for your lowest weight to your highest weight that you are using to ensure the scale is linear. 1 gram = 15.432 grains so with a calculator you should be able to see how accurate they are. Kind Regards Gary.
  9. kimgary


    After finding some favourable reviews about said item on Amazon i have decided to purchase the rangefinder. I shall report back when I have had chance to test it out. Regards Gary.
  10. Good morning Ladies and Gents, Has anyone used the Hawke lrf 600 pro and if so what are your opinions, I am seriously thinking of getting one? Many thanks in advance Regards Gary.
  11. kimgary

    Same Old Question? (Maybe)

    I am now of the thought that my AA s410 will take the bunnies where I can stalk up to, therefore a 17HMR would be great for long range rabbits and the occasional fox to maybe 60 yds. I am thinking that leaves me with the option of a .22lr if the above does not suffice, I suppose the best way is to spend a lot more time on the permissions and see exactly what I need for where? It seems I would be spending out a lot of money for a .22lr when the S410 would be capable of most of the work I would use the .22lr for, or have I got it wrong?, I realize if I take rabbits out at 60yds with the HMR that it will make a mess, but I would still have the short range pcp shot rabbits for meat/ sale as well as the HMR head shot rabbits? I suppose what I have to consider is that the shoot is for pest control and if at the end of the day the rabbits are not fit to sell it doea not matter, as long as the farmer and the rest of the syndicate are happy with my results thats what counts? Regards Gary.
  12. kimgary

    Same Old Question? (Maybe)

    James, I think thats 2 of us then, I also have S410 for around the yards, I am also thinking that the HMR would take out the odd fox at 50-60 yds if one should appear? Cheers Gary.
  13. kimgary

    Same Old Question? (Maybe)

    All is clear now, having different areas to shoot I will go for 22lr and see how I get on and how many times I can get in range, if i need the 17 for longer distance I will get that and i suppose if they all sod off after the 1st shot I can go off aound the other areas and come back to them at a later time. Thanks for the info, never thought about the acoustics of the actual area you are shooting in but it all makes sense from what you have said. No substitute for experience, my question answered,many thanks again for your time, trouble and patience! (.17) :-) Shotgun shooter mainly but coming back into rifles after last using .22 and .303 (Enfield) in the air training corps, how things have changed, wonder if I would still get my crossed rifles badge? Kindest Regards Gary.
  14. kimgary

    Same Old Question? (Maybe)

    Thanks Deker, I know where you are coming from, subsonic 22 for shorter range, 177hmr for long range, my question is though, if we were shooting them at 120-150 yards with HMR then what is the reaction of the other local bunnies? I am not saying that I cant shoot them at shorter range with sub at 22, but just wondered what effect the noise has out to 120-150 with hmr. Else where I have seen recommendations for 22 at night and 177hmr during the day, thats ok, but gain do you get 1 shot off with the hmr then the bunnies all sod off? Regards Gary.
  15. Hi All have read and read about advantages and disadvantages of .22lr and .177HMR. I realize the .177 is much louder even with the moderator fitted, what I really need an answer on is:- If you are shooting rabbits at 120-150 yards how much does the noise affect the remaining rabbits in the area, do they all bolt or do the majority still stay around, I have watched lots of videos with the.22 shooting at about 60yards and the rabbits all tend to stay around you can carry on shooting them. I have not seen or cannot find/confirm videos of .177HMR shooting rabbits and viewing what the remaining bunnies do? Any one with experience of this with the .177 I would really welcome your views. Kind Regards Gary.