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  1. 3 hours ago, TOMO said:

    still one of my fav books I have....found it very easy reading....and I agree comes across as a nice fella..years ago on this site he pm me and told me drop in at his for a brew and a chat about dogs...I never have...but he's one of the chaps I think you could have a good chat about dogs and nature with

    Iv spent a good few hours in back a motor with the man, an Iv said it before on here, the time, advice, tips an all round attitude the man showed me an my lad was unreal, he a proper gentleman. An his knowledge of all that’s country is amazing, think he one a my lads hero’s, but don’t tell him that 😁😂

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  2. 15 minutes ago, Rusty_terrier said:

     They work out a routine based on your goals and how often you can train etc.  Take all body measurements and lifts. Work you out a nutrition plan and then make sure you understand it all. Then they check back in with you every week to measure progress and make any adjustments for a while. You get access to an onlime nutrition thing as well with access to recipes they have selected that fit in with your nutrition plan. Think it's about 85 quid and that's them doing weekly check ins for a few month 

    Sounds okay that, 85 a month? Nowt like that at our gym

  3. 1 hour ago, Billy no mates said:

    Best bushing / beating dog ive owned was a first cross collie lab...was built like a strong collie...he had everything you would want.

    Saw a few of these crosses as a Young lad spending summers in crief with my uncle, were very handy dogs tho I was too young too appreciate them fully I do know the guys that owned them done there fair share an rated them dogs 👍

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  4. 8 hours ago, Rusty_terrier said:

    That's the same as me. Just trying to eat like f**k and focus on bench squat dead and shoulder press 5x5 then throw in a few accessory lifts at the end of session. Reckon if I stick to that freaky dense mass will ensue


    Going to defo start walking as much as possible so I dont show up for scafell pike like a tone of shit tho lol

    Much is it for the trainer to help you out a bit mate? Just bein nosey, an will you have him help you with ye programme or just ye diet? Don’t know if I’d like it or not having somebody there telling me what to do 

  5. 4 hours ago, gnasher16 said:

    Someone hasnt told you to do the finger test have they 😆.....the bicep is made up of a long head and a short head and you can target both.....the short head is closest to your body  with your arm at reast....the long head runs along the outside and gives the appearance of length and it dictates the peak of the muscle in the flexed position.....flex your bicep palms in and your bicep will peak,turn your wrist to knuckles facing out and your bicep will flatten out ?...the long head is activated when you supinate a concentration curl for example but hitting each part of the bicep is really only for seasoned bodybuilders at your stage you just want to wreck the entire muscle !

    Its all genetic mate the length of your bicep bellys are not even dictated by the muscle itself but the insertion points of the tendons so as much as you can develop the muscle you,ll never make them longer.

    Im actually having my fourth operation on an elbow extensor tendon in a few weeks so its an area im quite familiar with unfortunately !

    No mate no finger test, what is it anyways? Hope it’s nowt bad 😂  I’ll work on the whole thing an try an fill that wee space at a later date then😳😂 

  6. 4 minutes ago, Rusty_terrier said:

    I'm going to bulk for a good 4 or 5 months then see what I cam do a iut cutting and get absolutely peeled this year that's a fact 

    Aye Im doin similar again mate, added some cleans an that tho like from that starting strength programme to see if mixed it up a bit 😁 more or less still 5x5 with a few added extras, it keeps it simple whilst I figure some more stuff out 😂

  7. On 16/01/2020 at 15:17, gnasher16 said:

    Without wishing to needle you mate i think its just indicative of the society we now live in where people just want stuff.....now.

    Its a bit like getting your car washed do you pay people to do it quickly or take the longer harder route of doing it yourself....my theory is that when you take the time to do something yourself you get a much deeper understanding of the subject than putting yourself on a conveyor belt of someone elses learning.....learning that with regards to training has only come predominantly from text books.....when we was your age we had to learn things ourselves,no internet.....just ask,talk,ask,talk,experiment.....for me it was part of the fun,anyone can go stand in front of a machine and lift because that bloke told you to but knowing the mechanics of the body and feeling how your body works i found fascinating......but hey i accept we,re in a different time now so as much as i want to tell you to get your own knowledge it probably makes sense to use the society we currently live in and get someone elses knowledge.....just dont totally rely on it 😉

    I got a quick question if you don’t mind, see some arms an the biceps are round an high, an on others they not as high but have less space between the lower arm an bicep if that makes sense? Or ones look pure round an others more rugby ball shaped, is that genetics or is there anything that can be done about that ? 😳

  8. 7 hours ago, THE STIFFMEISTER said:

    When regarding fitness , does everybody just lift ?? 

    Ive found in the past that when I’ve lifted , I’m nowhere near as fit as I am when I do circuits or interval sessions . 

    Ive never been a beach body type , arms and abs and I can think of nothing worse than sat in a gym with machines . 

    Id much rather do functional fitness  moving things with a bit of sports mixed in to stay mobile 

    Fcukkng sadist ☹️😂


    Iv never enjoyed anythkng like that truth be told, I’m getting right into the weights now tho, proper newbie an still trying to learn all basics before I move on, but it’s a challenge I like 😁 once I’m up an running with weights tho I’ll add a wee bit a cardio an stuff, but I know I won’t enjoy it 😁

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