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  1. 2 minutes ago, MickC said:

    Branson is another one, sent his staff home for 8 weeks without pay and is expecting the Government to bail his companys out with money no doubt from the British Tax Payer but he is a tax exile himself !! GTF All these corporations at it want boycotting once this virus is all cleared up .

    Hopefully somebody will compile a cnut list that we can all avoid in future, I’m in anyways 👍

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  2. WIthout sounding cnuty, they bullies ye mate. Done same thing to cnut I knew an he signed dog over an gave in, I took it to high court an appealed it with Clive reese an won



    lots slate Clive but he knows his shit an the arsepca soon stop trying to bully you once you got a brief that knows score, like I’ve said it’s done now, move on👍

  3. 7 minutes ago, kinkell said:

    I stay rural and just passed me walking one of the dogs a  young boy in car obviously taking a driving lesson l plates on goes past

    Might be a key worker, they still allowed to sit tests I’m sure so need practice 👍

  4. 16 minutes ago, WILF said:

    It’s absolutely reasonable, they pay their corporation tax like any other company, their staff pay their income tax and NI......why shouldn’t they avail of something just like any other company ?

    It’s just like a bricky claiming the stay at home sick pay at the moment, why shouldn’t he?

    Its not like it’s a hand out is it, it’s only giving back a fraction of what they have nicked off people in the first place.

    When do I get what they have nicked off me back?

  5. 1 minute ago, Greyman said:

    If I can’t go back to work soon I’ll happily have some of that, keeps you fit and active, think if something don’t give soon I’ll go and get a few shifts on the bins with the agency for the same reason, no way am I going to last more than a few weeks like this been home for 10 days now and it’s the hardest work I’ve done in years ✌️

    Get out in em fields mate, you know ya self  bein out in the weather all day itself is really good for ye 👍

  6. Just now, Balaur said:

    Haha, only messing mate. I know what's involved pretty much , lived on a dairy and they had child labour too...🤣🤣 but yep I'm still in work where I am I believe they get through something like 1.3 million litres of milk an hour, I might be wrong. Only done 3 days in the last fortnight on about making me a key worker Monday, part of me hopes they don't lol. It's over rated tbh mate be different if we had freedom of movement and were still in hunting season, but try and squeeze in a few BBQs and beers when it warms up in the next week, supposed to be digging allotment for the missus but dodged that bullet until tomorrow.....

    Iv literally stashed 2 big buckets a paint right at back a shed an throo all me fishing gear on top of it so she don’t see it😂 I’ll dig anything she wants but if she shows me any kinda brush I’m pulling a sicky😂


    the cops here have stepped up their efforts now but the good news is they have took note of my motor an let me just carry on, so iv still got bit leeway to do as I please 😁

  7. Just now, Greyman said:

    There you go mate, think I,ll have some of that myself almost a grand a month for the two of us will do nicely😂


    No way 🤯 no fcuking wonder all the tramps about here are better dressed then me ☹️

  8. 1 minute ago, Balaur said:

    I thought you just plug em in these days......

    That’s just one part of job mate, still over a couple thousand sheep, hundreds a calf’s an a million tractor jobs that need sorting every day, never mind all the maintence an stuff. It’s honestly never ending an iv never moaned about me job in me life, but got to admit listening to folk moan an bitch about bein sat about doin nowt, while getting paid  is starting to drain me ☹️😂

  9. 26 minutes ago, Greyman said:

    I’m just seeing a ships steering wheel personally 🥴

    I don’t get to keep score notes long enough to know owt about em☹️ Why can’t we have a conspiracy theory on pound coin, I’d be able to investigate properly then😁









    if I borrow a quid off that kids that is😂

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