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  1. Holy fcuk, if last 2 days were folk, I’d kick Wednesdays balls an supplex it throo a charity shop window, an Thursday would get bitch slapped till me arm went numb then I’d kick it throo Tesco car park, with me left leg ffs🤯😳😳😳😳

  2. Week back at work an ankle held up, whoop whooooop 😂 lets celebrate 😁

  3. Housebound with this dour  faced fcuker of a missus, can’t see this ending well😀

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    2. W. Katchum

      W. Katchum

      Mine is more like,sorry love😂😳

    3. liP


      Fannies..  😂 😂 

    4. Blackbriar


      There speaks a man who's never met my wife ! Once, I didn't speak to her for 3 months...........didn't like to interrupt !

  4. Deer just ran into motor, now I’m a nights work down an need a whole new bumper ffs, that’s a deer night off😂

    1. Blackbriar


      I hit a roe buck last year. It trashed the front of my car ! But the real sickener was that the f***er got up and ran away !

    2. Mr Wilkes

      Mr Wilkes

      Hope you didn’t waste it.

  5. dlloyd is a wrong u

  6. maybe Britain is still great?..

  7. mod preview.... ahhh well

  8. winds still howling, gonna have an hour with bitch, see what's about

    1. ruggers13


      How's she doing ? Has she recovered?

  9. trees blowing around like tumble weeds out there lol

  10. Nice hour out, few bunnies for ferrets and all well

  11. season has just started, thank fcuk..

    1. All-terrain


      Nice one dog okay?

    2. W. Katchum

      W. Katchum

      Aye mate, few bunnies last night and leg held up okay, so far anyways haha

  12. My season fookered, bitch just ripped her leg open.... gutted

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    2. LurcherLad94
    3. smithie


      maybe you should crack on with the netting jacket. you will still have rabbits just not your preferences way.

    4. W. Katchum

      W. Katchum

      Funny ye say that pal, I'm thinking a trying train one of collie/terrier mutts I bred as a long netting dog now old collie been pts, save me walking in fields lol

  13. seasons finished now fcukers..

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