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  1. Finished up bit earlier than expected an my lad was on me case to to see the bitch run the beam so popped into a field behind work an picked out a squatter, bitch run it as soon as it twitched, missed it after running along side snapping at it haha couple jinks an up an over the wall an bunny got away, another rabbit chancing it’s luck sat out too far an I told me lad win or lose this the last of night, decent wee run up an down a line a rushes an bunny jinked an made for wall but bitch made up ground an caught it couple yards from safety haha best pics I could get as me phone battery is iffy an the f****r acts all daft every time I point phone at her
  2. Ye sure pal? I’d say anything over 22 is takin piss a bit
  3. More like concussed
  4. Magine letting her get to youanti 1. Fox dropper 0
  5. Try them if you ever come across them, they expensive mate, so just steal em, taste even better when they stolen aswell
  6. You get Krispy Kreme ??
  7. I’ll never step foot on any them dodgy islands, ever, I too good looking to be sacrificed
  8. Yorkshire tea with fresh milk an lots sugar
  9. Oh aye they still do em here In civilisation haha stop playing the wicker man an come get some
  10. 2 cups a tea a 4 walnut whips an i now I eyeing up some tunnocks caramel wafers to take to work with me flask
  11. An the munchies, just done 4 walnut whips ffs
  12. I’d just smoked a blunt
  13. Iv never really dealt with them other than daft fights as kids at the shows, but iv kept clear of them, an after seeing this an also seeing an hearing the at the smaller shows just makes me even clearer as to why I won’t entertain them, an into bargain I have it real good authority that during that Madness a few everyday family men stepped in when trouble got too close to them an there familys put them in there place haha
  14. She just a natural so far mate,all credit to breeder
  15. I’ll sort some out when I get to work mate
  16. Death is a mere transformation of energy before we go about the rest of our eternal existence
  17. I meant the cream in the tube mate Lots diff types but a lot of them are same sort stuff from diff maker’s, it’s strong so likes been said don’t over do it
  18. Well my bitch had her first couple runs on lamp last night, was asked to go check couple gates that kept blowing onto road an needed blocked up, gets to arable field an bitch is off lead as usual an is just stood pointing into field haha I sort gates an grab lamp out car to have quick scan, an see a good few rabbits sat tight in the high winds, bitch is up an over gate straight away an runs at rabbit closest, I was gonna flick lamp off an let it go but it got up an by this time she was only yards away, Bunny headed for fence an she took it in the run, no retrieve but a half a lap a honour instead haha eventually got bunny off her, an slip on an to my surprise still a few squatters sat out, she saw the second as it squat an give a few pulls on slip a I thought fcuk it, away she goes full pelt down the beam an picks it right out it’s seat, an a retrieve too boot, that will do me, will hold her back again now an ferret her bit more till end a season, phone was dead but I’ll get some pics later on at work
  19. Some the best finding hunting am marking dogs iv ever saw for fox where lurcher that where that keen they tried to go to ground haha get us self a spade an terrier an stop moaning ffs
  20. Nice wee bonus there micky
  21. Good wash/flush with hibiscrub an add some cream, likes been said don’t use it for stupid stuff or it starts losing its potency
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