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  1. Iv said it before in here an I’ll say it again an again if needs be, I learnt at 6 year ole when my ole man dropped dead at 28 whilst working that life ain’t forever, sure money makes it a bit easier an if you ain’t got none then it does seem like the end of the world, best thing i ever did was get out the rat race, constantly trying to earn more, swapping job for job, none of which I liked or wanted. Got to a point I started thinking I was just lazy, unhappy or what ever, but was sure it was my own fault, me missus sat me down an put me right at one point, made me remember the important things in life, so I quit me job, applied for a couple a jobs I thought id like but had no clue about ( god loves a trier right? ) a couple a knock backs an I met a farmer who took a chance on me, best thing I ever done, was on a serious pay drop to start with an wife ended up going back to work, slowly but surely after doing few courses an grafting like a fcuker I worked me way up, now on decent pay an honestly never once thought about pulling a sicky or quitting or nowt, loads a time with me kids which is all I wanted at the start, but now I’m seriously happy, the job I got means I’ll never get rich, but for now, who cares, I pay the bills, got some extra to treat me kids, making loads a memories with them, Cos truth being told. Even at 6 I knew I’d rather have had more memories of me ole man than the poxy insurance settlement my ma got Do wat will make your kids happy mate, Cos if they are happy you an the wife won’t be far behind them, they are the only thing that really matters
  2. You need a new chauffeur if he don’t know way to socks house either
  3. Bet no much gets far with them fast dogs up there arse
  4. Young kelpiex here is only 13 weeks or so old an already knows to run ahead an check the drop boxes an odd mole trap, has already started marking rabbit earths aswell, which I put down to havin her round the drop boxes, my 2 apprentices
  5. Won’t leave ye daft ole cnut, ye forgetting I just drove to Ireland to collect a pup, no chauffeur, no order for the man to come here haha I went there, an have travelled more of this country than your legs will have ever carried you in 10 lifetimes
  6. Great pics, looks a grand day, up this way it can be anythkng coming out cover like that, makes for exciting sport
  7. You really don’t wanna know what o got you down as bull what I will tell ye tho is ye know nowt except where I am am still refuse to come see me, but expect me to jump on your command like your well trained police dog
  8. Or why don’t you come here if you that insistant you wanna meet me can even wait till ye get ye giro if you want Na you won’t move off your comfy pish ridden chair
  9. So you can’t, Cos I didn’t, your jist opening ye mouth an letting your belly rumble as per usual
  10. Show me where I mentioned a dingo x you havering ole fool
  11. I already got 1, an only wear me mankini under it an still toasty
  12. So shall I take the shrimps off the barby
  13. Swap you for a days ferreting ?
  14. It is ain’t it, my dogs use find my iPhone, don’t everybodys wonder if bills dogs phone the plod when they find somebody’s stash while going back for bill’s phone
  15. The only qualities of any importance to anybody with half a brain but can she find your mobile phone
  16. Teach it to use, find my iphone ffs, are you really as daft as Bill looks
  17. I just had call, mine be here within next hour
  18. See you never went out we still out tho don’t you worry
  19. I know Bill is a Fcuking ding bat don’t about the dingo’s tho
  20. No my litter will be grelpie’s, 500 a pop
  21. Shite motors anyways prob got stuck
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