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  1. Any decent stuff you wanna sell to a good home before the wife gives it all away when your deeded
  2. We got out fair share of them as well pal, a walk round any working terrier show here will let you see a few, all with matching brand new just out the wrapper terriers an camo clothing to walk round a ring holding a lead
  3. Aye same here meece, still blowing a hoolie here but blue skies an showers still, seems the snow got us surrounded tho an closing in, it won’t last tho. Far too wet. It will most probs start as I leave for work later haha that’s my luck, been off all weekend as well an can’t imagine what state the place is in or I’d have another night off
  4. That ain’t fcuking snow haha my kids leave bathroom deeper in talc than that ffs
  5. I feel guilty eating them scampi ones, wife hates the smell am pawns like fcuk but she don’t bother me but I always a bit cautious Eatin them round strangers haha went ratting yesterday tho an was starving at bait time and found a bag in me motor a scoffed em haha didn’t give fcuk what the others smelt
  6. The winds got him all flustered, the street bins are all over the place an he won’t know who’s drank what during the storm
  7. Id say it’s about time certain yanks can only post say 10 times a day
  8. I know right, Orrible Cnut, who’d gee them to a dog, unless it had bit ye
  9. That made me proper laugh
  10. For a couple a clowns that ain’t after any attention you’s sure keep asking for it by posting and keeping this going actions speak louder than words don’t forget
  11. My bank must think I’m transgender
  12. I’d rather eat cow hoof trimmings than a pork scratching fs
  13. My kids ages I honestly couldn’t bring me self to look at women under me sisters age that way never mind my own f***ing kids ages
  14. Mental note to self..... don’t ever accept food off 90% this fcuking site
  15. No but it’s doin the only job the powers that be wants it to, keep the sheeple In paying taxes
  16. Philip has got to be the least used boys name of 2020 surely to fcuk unless you wanna enhance their odds of being bullied, or becoming a Peado or poofter
  17. Too nice for me own good an coming on here are my only faults an fine easier to list virtues I don't have
  18. Was excellent craic all day mate, well worth a sleepless night
  19. If you include pud we had everything from a lad at 5 to an oap on spades
  20. Just some random that followed us about all day
  21. great day in cracking company watching dogs that all knew there game doing there stuff
  22. Cracking day pal, that’s us just in wee man slept all way home an dogs never made a peep
  23. had more than 2 at a time as well ,
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