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  1. Anybody got any plummer terrier pup available in the near future? a good friend of mine is after replacing a bitch that is sorely missed. the pup will have the run of a farm and will have a life second to none, it will not be used for earth work intentionally . personal message me or message on facebook Bryn Marra Falcons Close.. cheers digga.
  2. heads up anybody for a good old fashioned terrier show in wales ??
  3. while in my last 2 years at school 1976 to 1977 i worked at a local mink farm and recollect any mink that got loose and came across another would always fight to the death..
  4. anybody turning out to dove valley mink hounds in the morning? decent turnout last year!!
  5. Human beings have the urge to revel in self gratification whether it be in talk film or book !!!! KEEP IT CLOSE KEEP IT SAFE..
  6. For every well known terrier man that passes away there's dozens still left, which choose to stay under the radar with decades of terrier work behind them.me and my two digging pals have been wearing spades out for well over 30yrs together. we still take the odd young lad out,and even been guilty of sending for young blood when the going has got tough,but at the moment we try to keep every thing in house as there are too many loose tongues{and besides WE are still learning every time we go out} ATB DIGGA
  7. polymer base coat renders ! k rend hp12 or hp14 user friendly and just as cheap as sand and cement render! good look with it...
  8. if you could bend one of them over which one would it be (baby spice for me)
  9. he will forgive me seeing he as just won the president cup in dubia[again]
  10. that will be my mate Bryn [marra] thought it was hilarious seeing him on posh pets collecting semen [but who's the twat in the hat now]
  11. a standard size soakaway is 1cubic metre filled with rubble with your drain inserted about 12 inches minimum down into one of the sides,this is then capped of with a waterproof membrane topped with concrete under any required surface.soakaway baskets can be used and terram meshing [its all down to clay sand chalk soil conditions and budget]
  12. hi trigger2 soakaways r ok if you strictly put no waste down, its very tempting to put shite down and once in the habit of doing so over time they be come silted up.and horrendous to put right again.but just to wash runs down will be ok.
  13. Ordered mine tues teatime it was with me Friday dinner ,well put together tool! thanks everybody at SHARPTOOTH..
  14. Been wanting one for a while! seen your post ,googled sharptooth forks and now i'm £85 lighter.( £70 for the fork £15delivery )
  15. our hairy chocs are getting that hot they are in danger of melting!!!!
  16. if anybody wants one of my terriers please don't pinch it knock on and i'll give you one! on the condition you take are lass as well .
  17. Been offered an open check twice for a working terrier'never sold either of them,in fact gifted one to my pal when the time was wrong?But just ponder on this 4 a moment not knocking anybody but the DORSET DIDDLER use to sell pups 4 £1200 and its been quoted that only 1 in 50 would work brock so in theory it could have cost you £62.000 to get the dog u want. three dogs on at the moment and not a penny spent acquiring them. RIGHT CIRCLES
  18. Will see you tomorrow spade looking forward to the day out,any more lads and lasses making the trip down from donny?. Hope the is fine c u there alb diggabell
  19. just got back home from the dove valley mink hounds good day out ,nice having a chat with a couple of golden oldies jack price & ken gould even though ken said he'd shoot are chocs for us lol, Belvior hunt next weekend
  20. anybody been to this show?or going tomorrow as we are taking a run down in the morning!! cheers digga
  21. Boarder terrier won champion terrier, steve parkin terrier judge came over to the darkside and gave one of are chocs a 3rd.
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