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  1. Samprater

    Lurcher Bitch

    Is it the brindle bitch or merl 1 mate and were are u based cheers
  2. How long do them lithium deben batterys last curious to if they are worth the money my local shop wants £229 for them
  3. Samprater


    My opionion but every1 has there own would b a suluki collie grey i found my first dog i started with was a brilliant first dog
  4. Samprater

    A Story To Share With You All..

    Love a bitch like this in this day hard to come buy
  5. Samprater

    Strange Coloured Rabbit While Out With Dog And Lamp

    Ive seen black and pure white out on the lamp but nothing coloured like that get him stuffed and keep it
  6. Samprater

    Lurcher 15 Month

    Any pics comein up pal
  7. Samprater

    Bull Whippet

    Im new to this lads still getting my bearings ive got a blue bull whippet grey for sale if thats any good to you 100% on the lamp i havent done much with him for about 3 months as ive got a newborn baby. Hes quiet in the kennel good with other dogs and hasnt been spoiled give me a private message if interested. (Does [NO TEXT TALK] know how i put a profile pic up) cheers