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  1. Mick.w.

    New Member From Leicestershire

    And here's me thinking I was the only one in Leics! I live in woodhouse eaves, got shotguns, 3 springers, and love me ferreting (3 hobs).
  2. Mick.w.


    im don't think it's balls with Kanye tho he's got such a over inflated view of him self it's unreal...but it works for him I guess...I'm more interested in his talking than his singing he comes out with some unbelievable tosh we have sacked him watching download festival on sky arts instead Watched a bit of download earlier, Judas Priest looked good, and so did slipknot (not my usual thing)
  3. Mick.w.

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Metallica (first three albums). AC/DC (Bon Scott). Motörhead. Pearl jam ( early stuff). Nirvana. Black label society. Anything with Ronnie James Dio. Iron maiden. A lot of old school stuff like the sweet, slade, free, sabbath, etc
  4. Mick.w.

    Rivers Nearly Open!

    Looks good mate, I'm really up for it next week but the water level worries me a bit, not ideal
  5. not long now until the 16th, I'll be down on the Wye for a week hoping for a barbel or a big chevin! Can't wait, middle of nowhere on a private stretch for 6 days.
  6. Mick.w.

    Isle Of Man Tt

    Brilliant, one of the best documentaries I've seen, ever!
  7. Mick.w.

    Please Watch You'll Laugh Your Tits Off

    Good one, made me laugh and I'm proper miserable
  8. Mick.w.

    Favourite Film

    No country for old men, the departed, the deer hunter
  9. Mick.w.

    Tea Time Sorted

    Sorry lads but as nice as this all sounds, it is Sunday, and that means roast beef, yorkie pubs and a bottle of claret!
  10. Mick.w.

    Anyone Work Castrated Hobs?

    Hope she didn't jump into a net - that's when the fun really starts We were out with the farmer who wanted a couple of shots so I netted up and left a couple for him, fox bolted more or less under his feet and by the time he finished swearing his two shots clean missed!
  11. Mick.w.

    Anyone Work Castrated Hobs?

    I work 3 castraited hobs, live together quite happily and I don't think it affects there work, been out today and had a few rabbits and also bolted a vixen, f*#cker made me jump, came out the hole about 3 foot from me!
  12. Mick.w.

    Ukip 1St 100 Days Channel 4 Now

    Left wingers must have chipped in a tenner each to get this weak sh*t made
  13. Mick.w.

    Jesus !!! £90 To Neuter Ferret !!!

    We've just had our 3 hobs done, paid £90 for the 3, had em done all together. We're in leicestershire
  14. Mick.w.

    Only Fools

    Just been on the lacs website, there are the usual two bit celebraty tos#*ers and unfunny comedians on there (Ricky gervais, Bill Bailey, Jo brand, Dave spikey, John bishop), but David Jason was a surprise to me! Makes you think a bit