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  1. Dont no how to put up a link , just type garden fox ornament Into eBay
  2. You can get resin ones from garden centres , don't no how well it would work as the colour is abit different to a normal one
  3. My dog broke her leg and had a pin put in it was a long recovery but once fit again she was back to normal like it never happened
  4. My mate works for a window cleaner and he gives him a cut of the tips ,he gave him £600 last year!!
  5. Try lots of different styles and find out what's best for you everyone shoots and holds a catapult different ways
  6. I think it was called Johnnys new Kingdom
  7. I remember seeing Johnny Kingdom long netting hares for relocation on the TV , it was a good watch but I can't find it on YouTube
  8. I use a tenterfield whistle some people call them the silver fox whistle it takes some getting use to but really loud and good sound
  9. When was the last time you read/saw a bad review about any air rifle/shotgun/ rifle? no because if they slated anything they would not get paid/given guns and kit, Hatstands/escorts are cheap nasty rubbish.Seen plenty of bad reviews on the hatsans and not many On the armsan that's why I asked
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