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  1. I know, it been priceless tho as a few months ago it p#ssed off a couple of times once for nearly an hour, fone calls off the collar have saved her I think. Not quite got the confidence in her yet !
  2. 14 mnth old beddy whippet, my 1st one so slowly getting into it, doing ok now after some early recall problems
  3. How accurate do they track and is it 'live', not 2 or 3 minutes behind. Mine went off for 50 mins today somewhere I don't usually go.
  4. Only dog I have, really game 18tts and gets stuck in but lacking in recall, spent hrs + hrs over the past few weeks away from usual spot on recall and no problem back there today and back to square1, New to this though
  5. I have this problem, thought I'd nailed the recall but when she sniffs a bunny or squirrel she's off and goes deaf, never too far away (50 yds or so max) but never even looks my way until she feels like it
  6. My 1yr old bitch has gone off puppy food (tinned/mixer) what do you lads use, tried chicken mince but goes thro her, do I feed once or twice a day now,any suggestions from experience, can't really call her a working dog yet if that helps
  7. We have a beddy whippet cross, 1yr this weekend bought only as a pet at 8 wks, was from working parents on east coast, couldn't take her any where without her wanting to hunt, not caught much but we both found it gin so trying to get into it. You might see some questions in the bushing section and pics if I can get the hang of it, cheers
  8. Thanks for the advice. We're staying off the rabbits and concentrating on the recall, not bought a catapult yet tho ! also going down the canal so 1 side is water the other is 20-30 yards wide and mostly fenced off. Making progress for now
  9. Her recall is pretty good when not near the scrub, I'm probably a bit eager as I am new to this game, Might stick to parks for a while, we'll see
  10. I have a 11month old beddy whippet 1st cross, and is from working parents and has had a couple of rabbits, she has recently started hunting on her own and completely ignoring any recall commands, I can be within 10ft or her and she rushes past nose down, I had to catch on the way past earlier today. I have been told to give her a shake by the stuff but has not worked so far. Any ideas as she is really keen and good in all other deployments
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