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  1. There is no attitude. If you wish to view ANY YT videos of anything gun related this will be a problem. Of course, if you don't view,shop on line ,research shooting gear by video or indeed sites having video then there is no problem! Thought fellow hunters/shooters would be interested or concerned. safe shooting
  2. To all you scoffers and All you hard nut powder burners. You better take notice because your next ie powder burners sites. safe shooting
  3. Yes You Tube have already closed several sites by removing all Airgun related videos, Teds Holdover and Video Log to name 2. See Airgunnation.com for more complete list and Teds video to the controller at You Tube. It is rather sad that other replies above instead of being supportive have been ridiculing peoples interest in matters Airgun. Would have thought that unity in shooting sports was needed not inane comments. safe shooting
  4. Fx Crown .25 green laminate new View Advert Brand new unused FX Crown in .25 Green Laminate £1900 delvered to your home address within 1 week. Gun is shipped tracked in 6 ft lbs format but comes with full power kit to 45fl lbs. Video available also. Easy to fit 10 minutes or so. pm only Advertiser mikewh79000 Date 24/02/18 Price £1,900.00 Category Airgun
  5. Daystate Airwolf MCT .22 View Advert As new little use and only at gun club. Ambi walnut stock , fac model ,22 includes 2 magazines, single shot loading tray, fill probe , Zieler 8-32x 44 with ladder reticle scope mounts and lens caps, bipod Stud hole, carbon air stream silencer , battery charger multi country and car charger, user manual. Viewable in W Sx. £995.00 ono , e mail best contact method. More Pics and shot string on application. Advertiser mikewh79000 Date
  6. View Advert Vulcan .25 Vulcan .25 as new fac model little used, this is Gen 3 gun with latest shroud plus extension. Also biathlon style side lever makes super smooth and silent loading. Fill probe, 4 magazines and case plus Edgun 10x 44 sf scope with rings,.Scope is similar to Swfa ss in quality, see strelok for data. This is a mil/ mil scope which gives at 50 yard zero easy 120 yard plus. If buyer not wanting the Edgun scope an alternative scope Hawke 6.5/20-44 sidewinder also as new is available . Both scopes boxed the Hawke with sunshade and Hawke 50 mm si
  7. Wow, at last finding others agree about the crap crop of airgun mags. They will as the poster above says become dinosaurs. Even the articles are biased to the advertising companies. Recently I sent a long e mail to Mr Doe stating poor and unimaginative articles. Didn'r expect a reply and there wasn't. 65% is average number of full page ads, even the remaining 35% were thinly disguised eg. I put on my ...... huntng boots . Using my ...... knife I deftly sknned the rabbit etc etc. My question to Terry was in a recent night vision article why are Ward products never mentioned? Personally feel th
  8. Hi CH Think we are going round in circles. Extract of my earlier post As we both know they cannot be shot at all except by the gentlemen of the Chasse. Fini So UNLESS a pdc one cannot shoot them , EVEN on private land. One can only trap them , run them over with your car, put a pet alligator in the lake or any other non shooting methods one cares to dream up. I am thinking of running mains electric in the water where they exit. I an out of this conversation now. Safe shooting
  9. CH I was referring to trapping laws when citing how a trapped Coypu may be despatched. As we both know they cannot be shot at all except by the gentlemen of the Chasse. So no coypu hunting on private land or lakes. Anytime. And as I mentioned earlier when my daughter was chased in flipflops by a Rag. My dog needed a vets visit after meeting one , the only recourse is put a trap down and hope the b...y thing gets caught. HAH! The prime duty of the state is protection of its citizens, as in Paris not, so if they cannot do it I will. Eg protect my family.
  10. Very interesting. Ragondins in dept 85 chasse season ends 28/02/2017. So EU law states these are pests and must be eliminated. This is upheld by dept of Agriculture .So enshrined in French law. The other ONCFS in LA Vendee says they mustn't be chassed until next season starts. Left and right hand then? Then they prosecute one on private land/lake for despatching them. See http://www.oncfs.gouv.fr/IMG/pdf/chasse_2016/ouverture_cloture_chasse_2016_dep85_vendee.pdf Happy days
  11. Hi CH Ta and nor is a rimfire legit to hunt on private ground or lake. Re killing in a trap with a rimfire specifically states under the trapping rules nor .22 long rifle, so zimmer round or sub sonic only!
  12. Hi pig222man http://adpan58.fr/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Guide-pigeur-nivernais.pdf Clearly says that killing a trapped ragandin is legal with a 9mm shotgun or .22 rimfire. The killing is not an act of chasse but of pigeur despatch by trapping of a nuisance species. If one of the above weapons is not used ie 9mm shotgun or .22 rimfire then ANY HUMANE MEANS MAY BE USED. Imo if the case is brought under Chasse laws it will fall apart. Get yourself a lawyer. Think a letter from a lawyer would make them drop the action. The Federation de chasse is a separate body and is nothing to d
  13. Hi With a PDC- How far from a occupied building can one fire a shotgun please? If say 150 metres presumably not over or facing private land. Back to Ragondins. Huntable all year round or a close season? Trap all year round or not? Trap on private land without a pdc? Finally with a pdc and a pcp over 20 j ok or not to hunt? Without. a Pdc if a Ragondin is killed by a dog ?? Am I responsible for my dog on my own land killiing a trespassing Ragondin?
  14. Hi Waz and CH Yes dept to dept does vary. Depending I suppose on the degree of nuisance. Big difference in opinions given by Chasse officers , Mairies and local custom. Laws have changed recently and in typical Law Giver fashion leave understanding and interpretation to the courts . Hence varied opinions. Without a test case who knows? I do not believe the Chasse departments are any wiser re use of air rifles for controlling Coypu. They , understandably would give cautious advice and aimed ( lol) at their members best interests. Whether the recent airgun rules change anything or the
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