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  1. Only reason I ask is that I have a working cocker whos mustard And was thinking of getting her lined with a springer Just seeing wat other options there was :-) Cheers nath
  2. Anyone seen these breed before? Would they be decent ?
  3. Nice looking pup pal:-) Very similar to my bitch good luck with her I'll try and upload pics of mine
  4. Yeah I do think they make a good dog to work with a bird put the work in with the pup she'll soon pick it up :-)
  5. Nothing really just I bought it 2nd or 3rd hand a good few years ago fancy a change
  6. Be firm with them pal from word go :-)how did you find training them? I'm looking forward to see what this little bitch can do, bushing for my lurchers You'll probley find the pup following your other dogs untill she finds her nose but she'll soon get it best of luck! gona get decent springer line her next year keep a pup , there going mad for sprockers :-)
  7. have you any pics of her have you any pics of her Exact same as me but I've got a working cocker called fudge :-))
  8. Be firm with them pal from word go :-)
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