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  1. i show my dogs sheep from youngpups easy to teach them
  2. like the scum here minding a dog for some one and say they lost it scum bags , tramps sure they have dogs to
  3. i seen so called proven dogs and bitches and bread them . does not mean that there pups will be any good . look bread the best dont mean you get the best .no matter what any one said when you do get a good one its all down to luck. in all the years i bread dogs i can say i own too great ones .its all shit
  4. start with a ball when he brings it back give him a treat
  5. it must be you mate as i would not have bull in any of my dogs
  6. same over here scumbags take the eye from your head. and say it was lost
  7. well lads was not iong ago i seen a bitch stop. bread from the best of dogs last i heard she is of to eng for breeding. would not b me
  8. i run enough hares to know what you mean but im starting not to give the dog credit and saying it was a shit hare example last week i ran 4 hares the 1st 1 was ran for about 1 min when he picked it up and dropped it it went on another 1min and escaped into cover 2nd about 30 secs dead third about 40 dead and the 4th about 2 min again dead so i said 2nd and 3rd were shit hares 4th a good 1 so does this mean the 1st was the best hare even though he dropped it early i think we have to just give the dog credit the fittest fastest smartest hare can still die early with a smart dog behind it t
  9. skip does ur da keep borzoi x have you still got rusty no my father is dead. dont no rusty
  10. what is going on with these dogs seen run run run not striking to lift i think yous men are thinking to much of that eng breed cant beat a good stricker kills as quick as it can in stead of playing????????????????
  11. has anyone heard of this dog sham making big news think its in ireland have you seen it run ?????????????????
  12. i no off a boy in antrim has two litters sire best ive seen suk bread if you could any of them hunt any were top man
  13. yep they are pairing up as well ,notice this weeks a go
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