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  1. King.

    Tyson V Wlad

    Like flip bull said its in Aldi car park. When they close lol.
  2. King.

    Women Muslims ?

    4ft.2 19st and a head like a disappointed horse
  3. King.

    Tyson V Wlad

    do you tink he get ko lol, I think if fury try's to take the fight to him he go down . what do you ?feck bird you been on the bottle I don't know which boxer you are on about lol
  4. King.

    Tyson V Wlad

    Cushty when fury loses will you say that he had a 1 of Ali's dodgy kebabs the hight before and he had the shits all day lol
  5. King.

    Women Muslims ?

    so you can't see the jaw line to land a big hook
  6. King.

    Tyson V Wlad

    Yes but fury is not a nobody is he lets be real he's klitchkos only real threat in years and years for a big heavy man fury is very very underrated I would say very very overrated
  7. King.

    Tyson V Wlad

    Someone dressed like this could beat wlad pmsl https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=tyson+fury+batman+costume&safe=strict&client=safari&hl=en-gb&biw=1024&bih=649&prmd=vsin&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAgQ_AUoA2oVChMI-pKKnqGdyQIVyrsUCh3g3wII#imgrc=pdTXliKdXR0MwM%3A
  8. King.

    Tyson V Wlad

    Cushty do you seriously believe a nobody can walk through wlads jab I don't wlad the machine will keep fury on the outside with his jab and then boom goodnight fury.just like he does with all his opponents.
  9. King.

    Tyson V Wlad

    Fecking fury to win pmsl.wlad is going to punch him all around the ring fury will be ko in rd 4
  10. https://youtu.be/YB3gnMetw0g
  11. Me as well he's all ways chewing bones thick knotted rope but once I leave the room for a few minutes he's chewing other things lol he will soon get out of the habit once his main teeth come through
  12. yea that's just the same mate I wouldn't of thought it would be teething though he's all ways got bones Johnny but does like to have a sneaky chew on the coffee table and kitchen doors
  13. Ar sound boys I've never had a pup with ears like his. Teething the coffee table and kitchen is having an hammering lol.
  14. That looks a great night out lads. Wish I was out.
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