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  1. I feel sorry for Baldcoot!


    I sometimes forget to count my blessings, i have a rough shoot just out side the village and the more formal driven shoot I'm in is 7 miles away.  The rough shoot is more of a conservation project as the farmer and i are keen to look after the Grey Partridge and lapwing populations we have, so a lot of vermin control seems to be paying off. I get to walk around and rough shoot when ever i want but don't shoot any greys.

    I took the Kids 28 bore around yesterday, probably walked about 7 miles, what a joy to shoot and carry the little gun is.  Shot three pheasant's with three shots and thoroughly enjoyed some good spaniel work.  Saw 8 roe deer while out though and as we are planting some new trees i know what i will be doing next weekend



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