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  1. On ‎17‎/‎03‎/‎2020 at 19:19, Trev70 said:

    LOL cheers mate no their not the garlic ones mate but I've still got some of them left in the freezer and they still stink

     ever time i open it but the dogs seem to like them 

    we used  to do some   beetroot land at misterton  years ago and the rabbits were bright red on the inside.

  2. I don't think any other type of running dog has been developed better for a specific task in the last 100 years, and quite frankly it will never  happen again,  I don't know but would not be at all surprised if most of the best all round lurchers in the country carry  coursing blood.

  3. 6 hours ago, Shadow100 said:

    I think breeding best to best is a bit of a stretch, a lot of coursing dogs bred these days will be lucky to get ran once a fortnight, people will breed off stuff that’s done very little because it’s got famous names in its pedigree, a lot of them are injury prone, too steady for even medium sized land or a bit half hearted so if you don’t use the right one you could easy ruin a good line of lurchers 

    oh ok then I only had em 50 years what would I know lol.

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  4. the confusion here comes from the term coursing dog being used as apposed to saluki x or saluki grey, two very different things, coursing dogs have been refined by breeding best bloodlines together for generations to excel at their task, and named rightly imo by that task, and  to me offer far more to any lurcher than a greyhound ever could.

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  5. if you look dodgy they will use an appropriate excuse to look at you, don't  mater that its  bullshit, they stop young men all the time in the city for being black, the knife has justified  their actions, why public transport in your hunting gear?

  6. 1 hour ago, zx12edge said:

    He is a good vet but when he tells me I should not feed raw food but cook all meat makes me think I am better of testing the waters with you lads on here. Not saying I won't put a few spuds in with there grub. Made them a stew meat veg and potatoes they ate everything but the spuds lol

    spuds are carbs same as paster but may contain some thing else perhaps that will be of benefit.

  7. most who think their good enough to write a book are not, but anyone with a literary talent can research a subject and put a book together,, which is what most do, that's why it always seems like a rehash something else.

  8. 14 hours ago, green lurchers said:

    Agree  but the stigma of must be “working bred “ puts people off   , I don’t know why?  , race bred show bred can do well , some can go on to be red hot ,  as u well know the owner will be a big factor on how the dog will turn out if conditioned to a high standard as with most dogs 👍 trev 70s show bred bred poppy very smart bitch  no work breds in her ped sort of upends the must  see parents work must be work bred mindset 

    when I was a kid a lot of the racing dogs worked  as well, I bred whippet into the coursing stuff to pep them up for the tighter land, then line bred for a gen or two all 22/23 ish and sharp fk.


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  9. On ‎09‎/‎02‎/‎2020 at 20:53, Harry199920 said:

    Two crows the two dogs are not mine the grey is my mates and the beddy is someone I know and the questions have been answered I just wanted to hear everyone else input and opinon on the breed and what there outcomes have been with the cross I already have a beddy whippet grey and know a lot about them I just wanted to see a few pics of some beddy greys first cross and peoples opinions like I said no need to be a funny mate 

    if you said they were not yours in the op, perhaps might of got a better opinion.

  10. 3 hours ago, Harry199920 said:

    Are they bitches mate and the beddy is out of George newcombes stuff back to the old granitor lines good working beddy and the greyhound was a good racing bitch she had an injury and is out now though and all the pups will be spoke for so I'm not looking to sell any pups just not had a first cross beddy grey my self and was wondering what sizes the bitches and dogs would be 


    not being funny, but those and many other questions should have been  asked and answered before the mating was considered, let alone carried out.

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  11. 17 hours ago, Neal said:

    That's similar to how I felt about my first kelpie. He tried so hard to please me and whenever he didn't understand what I wanted him to do he'd keep trying until he got it right. Ironically, the older he got the more the roles reversed i.e. I realized he was invariably right so I tended to follow his lead, he soon cottoned on to this so just did his own thing...seems a waste to have a dog with natural talents and a brain to match to then keep telling it, "No! Do what I say!" I've never bred a litter of pups in my life but I really regret not getting something out of him.

    To quote somebody else: if he wasn't the pick of the litter, somebody else got a bloody good dog.

    that is spot on and exactly how I work my cockers,    get them on the whistle and walking to heal when needed, and then let them work.

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  12. 12 hours ago, Born Hunter said:

    How are those pups coming on mate?

    Don't suppose you know of anything planned for this year? A planned litter I had my name down for looks like it might not happen.

    doing all they should mate, ours has been for a look hunts and finds nice, I have had several solid asks about pups from the old dog so going to try him on my 7 year old  choc bitch, I fancy one too.

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