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  1. Hi Would send to RFD if so I would be interested, but in am in Dorset!!! Thanks Neil
  2. All received, pleasure to do business. Thanks again
  3. if your interested in selling yukon separately, i would be interested
  4. Just got the jacket I ordered. Fantastic product, great value, will be ordering a smaller one for my son in the next couple of days. Can wait to use it. Thanks Al
  5. I think you Pm’d me. Can you please resend
  6. Hi I will take an XL if you have any, please let me know how you wish me to pay
  7. If still for sale. Can you please send photos please. Sales@dorsettimberengineeringltd.co.uk Thanks
  8. If still for sale can you please email some pictures to sales@dorsettimberengineeringltd.co.uk Many thanks Neil
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