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  1. i.it was a mates dog and he had to get rid of it so we'd been out lamping before with him.
  2. Thanks for your help I just hope he snaps out of it coz he was a good dog before this happend.im gonna do some ferreting with him at the weekend see if I can boost his conference abit
  3. Has anyone got any advice,Iv got a lurcher roughly 3 weeks ago and he was running fine on the lamp de defiantly new his job then I took him out about 2 weeks ago and he was running a rabbit and hit a electric cattle fence and ever since he won't even look or run a rabbit on the lamp,he's perfect during the day.i don't no whether to give him more time and then try him again or wat.iv had lurchers for years and never had this trouble before.thanks
  4. Real nice pups them,in the second picture is that pup a dog or a bitch
  5. We bought a lead shot maker,best ammo iv used but everyone is different you got to use wat is best for you
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