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  1. numalchez

    Travellers Aint All Bad

    Ain't it bad when you come on a bird site and see racist remarks,open your news papers have a read of all the crimes done then add them up travellers then add up the non travellers and then put the score up please
  2. numalchez

    What's Your Opinion Lads

    Cheers guys for the replys
  3. Hope I got the right place to post this, anyway I have a 10mth old bitch just had her bk from Ireland. Her two front feet are turned out ( one o'clock feet if you like) do you think Thel come bk in or not cheers guys
  4. numalchez

    I Think I've Had My Pants Pulled Down

    I got done with Goldies wanted cocks ended up with two hens , but rescued my breeding season yesterday at Stafford
  5. numalchez

    Goldfinch Wanted

    Anyone got a cock Goldie for Stafford ?? Pm me cheers guys
  6. Hi guys looking for a Goldie cock peathroat or Chevrrol or even a normal inbox me with price cheers
  7. Hi guys have a 2014 bred red Siskin cock wanting to swap for 13-14 bred goldfinch cock must be ioa or bbc rung im in Wales guys
  8. After finding out my sib is a hen would like to swap for sib cock agate or a mutation or British peathroat or Chevrrol im not sure of prices of these birds guys im in Wales tho will be attending the welsh national on the 18th cheers
  9. numalchez

    few picture of 2011 mules

    Don't no many who breed coloured mules with British well done mate
  10. numalchez

    few picture of 2011 mules

    What kind of goldfinch you use?
  11. numalchez

    Any Goldies

    Any goldies forsale??
  12. Hi guys looking for some British Goldies cock birds pref peathroats or Chevrrol or normals be ok also looking for some red or yellow mosaics or the Sattinette type mosaics,a mate of mine is just starting up after a break and would like to purchase these birds,if you have any inbox me cheers guys
  13. numalchez

    Whats Everyone Breeding????

    well had 5 eggs off my recessive white hen all hatched 3 days old now,also got another hen down but others not doing alot at moment keep you posted guys
  14. numalchez

    Few Pics

    now im so jealous got my goldie in wid hen hes swaying away so guess hes fit still a little bit of black on beak tho,think it will be a good idea taz to have a round of canaries and drop the cock back in when they hatch????
  15. numalchez

    Whats Everyone Breeding????

    wow taz 16 pairs of dimorphics u must have a big set up,r your cock goldies british or siberian, british are better singers but coloured mules always better from siberians,oh i also have an f1 cock paired up