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  1. rugerguy

    Nice Little Knife For Sale

    £20 offered
  2. rugerguy

    Open Seasons

    Where I stalk in Scotland we have to take any stag or buck on sight any time of year. It still does not seem to bother the numbers, they still keep growing.
  3. rugerguy

    Fell Pups

    I think it must be 300pence
  4. rugerguy

    Open Seasons

    Seasons do seem a bit long for the fallow bucks in my opinion. I also think it would be better changing the roe buck season until after the rut and also the red stags.
  5. A bit far away otherwise I would be very interested just needs a little time and patience to cure her. She looks in great condition.
  6. rugerguy

    Browning B27

    What grade is it pal?
  7. rugerguy

    Sika Stags

    Top bloke just got back from stalking with him, great ground plenty about but luck not on my side this time, can not wait to go back and see him again.
  8. rugerguy

    Ratting And Or Rabbiting Permission Required

    P.S. This kind of thread is the equivalent to asking "Can I have a go on your wife?" Now thats another forum.
  9. rugerguy

    Fox Control Perthshire

    Tried to pm but it says you cannot receive any messages
  10. Fox control offered and rabbit,rooks crows and all vermin. Fully insured,fac holder,sgc holder any
  11. All types of vermin catered for pigeons foxes rabbits rooks and crows. Fully insured fac and sgc holder. Yorkshire area
  12. Rabbit or fox shooting in Yorkshire fac holder,any type of vermin sg holder and insured. Please pm prompt and efficient service offered
  13. rugerguy

    Aya Yeoman 12G S/s And Baikal 12G O/u

    If I was closer I would have had the baikal.good luck with the sale.
  14. rugerguy

    Browning Medalist

    has it got 3inch chambers?
  15. rugerguy

    Fox Dog

    Believe me the country is full of proper messers