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    Fishing for salmon,wels catfish infact trying to catch every native and none native fish in the uk not far oiff acheiveing me goal once i get the vendace and loch lomand powen well as the welsh type powen (whitefish) i love corseing shame the laws have changed jus getting back into it,like a bit of shooting also,hate ferreting with terriers etc... but do get out now and then with me mates

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  1. nip up to the trent cant really go wrong long as yer set the bizznes end up proper,dont mess about go for a decent rod with a test curve that suits you i used to use a wynwood which i was given by a rep at the NEC a few years back they had two for trefor west he ended up with one,was a multi tipped rod came with 4 ends quivers which i never use for barbel and two none quiver tip ends cant remeber the test curve i never go for that bull shit to be honest when i buy or make a rod i put a reel on the rod set the line thru and try a few different sized weights to see how the rod feels thats the be
  2. getting silly when yer say gill nets,bags of lime aw well here my contribution to lunacy CYMAG why not go the full hogg!
  3. lol personally i like tin foil any old pie tray will do wrap around a couple of swan shot or whatever size yer need then away yer go always mounted on a lrge single hook rather than a treble works for pike,chubb,perch and trout i seen a french feller use this on the ebro near caspe for zander he done ok with this method when fishing for chub,perch and trout yer can even have a worm hanging off the back ! homemade huck fin style always works a treat
  4. yeah Blue223 yer cant beat a bit of (Putty) salmon eggs are the biz !
  5. 30 so far for the Tyne the counter is about 25 miles from the sea and about 10 miles from the end of the tidal stretch a few fish hold up in the famous wylam pool until its right for them to migrate,well the tyne is actually two main rivers north tyne and south tyne the north tyen had another river the river rede which is well upriver and sometimes has fish caught as early as march! thats right upcounrty aswell,the south tyne has the eastand west allen rivers as well as many tributaries which are spwaning graounds,the main tyne is peaty in colour same as north tyne and the river rede,where as
  6. yer cant fall off with bread squeezed on lightish to the cleft of the hook beats the ass off anything i ever used for rainbows well any stocked fish rainbows,browns even brookies and stocked char! stockies eat anything in front of em bait wise
  7. the last foto is in the dark barbel about 8-9lbs on the river swale 2nd one is also from the river swale about 9 and half lbs,third foto is the river ebro here its written in catalan the native lingo! 4th is catfish from the ebro at ginestar me mate lives there runs a catfishing bizzness ebroboat hire.com the fish was caught off the banksde in the dark no night fishing ban on this section,about 50-60lbs ,pike from linton loch linto on ouse as in yorkshire ouse,another catfish from grafton mere near borobridge around 30lbs or so,a small mouth black bass from amposta on the ebro in spain caught
  8. foul hooked deer me lol yerl hAVE THE the devoute sea trout squad on yer back lol dunno whats its like down where you are but snatching (foul hooking ) is tabboo up here in the north east,if yer value yer fishing and its summit yer like doing dont foul hook fish as yer can get a ban for up to 5 years no license no fishing the rivers or still waters, though yerl probly see the E/A more on flowing waters i got nailed in 1987 for snatching (foul hooking fish) got me license back around 2007-8 or summit i kept getting caught for salmon and getting massive fines started in 1980 when i was kid in t
  9. leey the river Tees has one or two lads fishing for pike with lures useing a fly rod,usually around the Yarm and Aislby area.dunno where yer are in yorkshire but north yorkshire borders Yarm,north on the A1 then onto the A19 take the Yarm/Crathorne turn off yer cant go wrong plenty of free water aw well as club water.the river from stockton to aislaby is full of Pike some very good fish to,start at Stockton on Tees from the tees barage then to thornaby then ingleby barwick,then eaglesclife,then yarm and finally aislaby.they is pike after this but in general the river sstart to get fast and mo
  10. i used to get intoi the water at Durham opposite the ice rink below the weir looking for spinners mepps and tobys occaisionaly yer got the odd tube fliy,along with boms and coffin weights from the corse anglers
  11. probly a cat fish in spain 130 odd lbs or so,but me most favourite two fish i caught are salmon 31lbs from the River Tees in 1987 i think and a ruffee (tommy) sounds daft but we have no rufee around here i know of one council lake that i never fish and they is a few in the river swale but every time i fish the swale its for barbel and chub
  12. free line a worm cant go wrong,we used to target borwn trout when we were kids on the river wear at durham they was some stilling pools below framwelgate dam very early on the morning when no one was about yer could get a good look at the fish thru yer glasses (polaroids) the fish were always flighty as fcuk but this time of the morning like 4.30-5.30 yer could see em really good cos of where the sun was,but yer only got and hour if that cos come 6.30 am onwards the city started to fill up with comuters,any way by the time july august came the fish were wise as bamber gasgoine and didnt want t
  13. good eating fish on the continent.french,germans,spanish and italians all eat em as well as many other countries very nice indeed !!
  14. get a old metal bread bin burn the paint off put a hole in the top put some mesh inside againg if its been galvanised burn the zinc off as its a bit toxic i think near the top of the bread bin or whatever yer useing for a smoker,put some wood shaveings at the bottom the ones for rabbit hutches will do fine but try differnet types of wood for different flavours light the wood let it smoke put yer fish,sausage or whatever in let it do it thing then enjoy afterwards
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