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  1. Lovely mate what is the first 1 atb
  2. Just remembered its keeper eley with the rampuri lol
  3. White legged pullets are butchers the partridge ones are Johnny jumper cm atb
  4. Lol sorry lucky thaught you had just been given 1 my bad atb
  5. I handle mine every day lurcher that's the only way to calm them down when I bring them in as stags and pullets then they are quite as you like bud atb
  6. He looks the part lucky all your birds look well cared for do you have any small types besides the rampuri your freind just gifted you atb
  7. That is a bad boy bit of kit looks well made mate
  8. That muffed 1 looks like the daddy mate how heavy is he atb
  9. All the same flighter good use of space mate looks the nuts atb
  10. They are lovely flighter are you a chippy by any chance atb
  11. [NO TEXT TALK] got any pics of some asils atb
  12. Lol flighter can't wait to see your space saving now get some pics up bud atb
  13. I was thinking the same ones as you cm they look the perfect size and your [BANNED TEXT] flighter it's all about the space you got mate but some things in life are worth suffering for lol kick the woman out and do some new pens
  14. . Bin looking at making some new pens this summer and can't make my mind up here's a few off the internet would be nice to see some of your boys so I can get some inspiration atb
  15. You got any pics of it grey face I ain't seen one of them yet
  16. What bout the rest of you are you all natural or mechanic men atb
  17. What do you use cm broodies or incubators aswell atb
  18. But I don't keep hens or pullets that are bad mothers they get the chop lol atb
  19. I just use broodies cm no incubators or lights just natural the chicks are so much healthier imo
  20. All dead cm I've killed the pullet she wasn't no good mate atb
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