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  1. mjt

    Site Store

    All sorted now cheers
  2. mjt

    Site Store

    Iv tried sending him a message on here but can't and sent two emails but no reply
  3. mjt

    Site Store

    Hi does any one know who to contact with regards an order placed through the sites store?
  4. Advisting for a mate of mine he has a few hob ferrets for sale all working stock collection from Aldershot Hampshire £10
  5. mjt

    Another cracking day

    Great bag well done
  6. mjt


    Good news mate hope the last one turns up
  7. mjt

    Good day out

    Well done sounds like a good day. Good first post
  8. After a bad start as the bank we were going to do all the holes were full with water. Moving to higher ground we found a few good holes. Rabbits were reluctant to bolt toady and we had a lot of hole hopping but the ferrets worked well and kept with them. finished the day 27 so not too bad.
  9. mjt


    Hello and :welcomeani:
  10. mjt

    wool purse nets

    Iv not made nets out of wool but a mate of mine has some black nets made from wool that his dad made years ago. There still going strong and like you said seem to catch the rabbits well.
  11. mjt

    Newbie from hampshire

    Hello and welcome Hows your ferreting season going so far?
  12. mjt

    problem starting my pajero

    Is it turing over or just clicking? Have you checked the glow plugs?
  13. mjt

    Why can't I hit Loopers

    A looper will need a fair amount of lead. normally about half again of what a standard clay would at the same distance. Try and shoot them on the rise and go up with it rather then trying to shoot it falling.
  14. mjt

    Light force Bliz

    Price drop £75 posted Uk only