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  1. Jon Evans

    Perms In Llandrindod Wells

    Lllandrindod Wells is in mid wales
  2. I ho, I ho, It's off to hunt i go :) Shhh be very quiet, I'm hunting wabbits!

  3. Anybody who can get to llandrindod wells tonight fancy a bit of lamping on some new land?

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    2. Jon Evans

      Jon Evans

      Ha nope its a 190 acre farm so good boots or wellies i would say, unless they want to have a shoe full of shit


    3. PIL


      Nice offer there buddy , hope someone trustworthy takes up your offer .

    4. PIL


      How did you get on Jon ?

  4. Don't know if you guys want something a bit more detailed but i found BASC grant forms, They were a little over the top in places and hard to fill out or understand so i spent a few hours going through it and editing them and adding bits and bobs, take a look and tell me what you think. I already rang BASC and they seemed more than happy for me to keep there name on the edited version. If you do use them make sure to get a satellite view of the area you wish to shoot and get the boundary's marked by the owner like it states on the bottom of the first page. These have already helped me to secure another 180 acre's of land that not be shot before, well only the farm does it, he needed help and couldn't find the time to get out so often. Here is my new permission, the owner was very impressed with my permission forms and said that if it wasn't for the professional look i gave when i turned up with the paper work he would of turned me away like he has done to so many other shooters. Hope this helps a few of you out. ATB Jon Shooting Permission Form.pdf
  5. Note to self, do not invite new friends to go shooting in 50 mph gales and heavy rain 300m up a hill

    1. Jon Evans

      Jon Evans

      I was so cold by the time i got home


  6. Jon Evans

    Looking For Advice

    Cheers Walshie
  7. Jon Evans

    Looking For Advice

    I rang back up turns out hes new to the department lol, no they said put it down as a .20 FAC airgun with the ft/lb so i have, send it off end of feb when i got my bigger permission
  8. Jon Evans

    If You Could Only Have 1 Gun

    Fucksake Jon, try keeping it real pal, eh? In a zombie apocalypse there wont be any electricity...how are you going to charge the batteries of your ray gun I would take a big steamy shit on the floor and charge it off the heat that was generated I dont f'cking know lol
  9. Jon Evans

    Looking For Advice

    Dont know I asked about having it put to a 23ft on my fac and he said yeah note it as a rimfire airgun lol
  10. Jon Evans

    If You Could Only Have 1 Gun

    you love it really
  11. Jon Evans

    If You Could Only Have 1 Gun

    I disagree, the BEST gun for the zombie invasion would have to be the....... RAY GUN, call of duty fans (I still prefer Battlefield series to Call of duty)
  12. So im submitting my FAC and SGC in the next 20 days, I have it all filled and ready to go. I have applyed for .22 LR, .20-5 Airgun unrestricted to rimfire airgun (Thats what the officer said it would be classed as) and a .223 So I after Advice on what makes to go for and also what are good moderators for the 22 and 223. Thanks, Jon
  13. Your more than welcome to, Just got off the phone with my FAO and I he dont have a issue with me having .223 or .22 LR or my Shotgun im looking at getting so soon that all be formal and ill have my FAC and SGC so your more than welcome to pop down when you got the time and theres good b&b's down here unless you good with sleeping on a floor lol, pm me for a number if you would like to talk im just after shooting buddies
  14. Lol yeah im gonna put him up for the night so he cant complain, missis gonna cook a curry then shoot then beers and then hangover! I do not know if sleep will happen ha
  15. Yeah I know, I got a mate coming down from hull for 1 night of shooting with me lol 5 hour drive, Im glad he's coming here not the other way around.