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  1. There's regularly one or two up for grabs on the facebook groups - I recently got hold of one for a mate who'd been after one for a while and he's very happy with it Very accurate to be fair too
  2. Thanks guys, il have a few trips out and report how i get on
  3. thanks lads il give it a go. Is that metal sheeting on your feeders above stubby?? I assume thats for pellet protection
  4. My perm is a big 100 acre farm, and i usually hunt rabbit and pigeon. However, the perm is also a wedding venue, and the farmer is having trouble with squirrels causing damage to the gardens around the venue, and they need dealing with as the venue is coming up to 'wedding season' as he put it Im not too experienced with squirrel - ive put up a couple of feeders and they seem to be being used. so whats the best way to hunt them? am i best off with a hide nearby the feeder and waiting or is stalking best? what sort of times do squirrel generally feed? Ive had a few by stalking s
  5. Got my Twink MK2 today and i cannot believe the difference its made to my R10. Ive used other moderators before but this is definately my favourite and for sub £50 i doubt you'll get any better For anyone contemplating getting one for their rifle - Do it! now! You will not be disappointed!
  6. its a good job you dropped from 14fps unless you have FAC? you would have been breaking the law....
  7. i know some of the ultrafires will take the Deben tracer stinger GL2 pop up filter i got a red one on ebay for £8.50 delivered and the pop up lens is handy as you can choose between red and white light
  8. It just gets better - this is just another one of those things were the government want to look as politically correct as possible and don't care who they updet to do it, which seems massively hipocritical to me i mean who cares about tradition anyway? :@
  9. they look some really nice healthy rabbits there mate - well done
  10. My RFD wrote me a fake receipt hand written for me to show my mrs - hes a top bloke
  11. ah been recommended darryl on facebook just now too so ive sent him a friend request and il get one from him thanks guys
  12. Hi guys I'm after a twink mk2 for my R10 as I've read they are just about the best so where can I actually order this beast? Googling takes me to a&am custom gunsmiths page but it just says available via daystate? Thanks in advance
  13. Buy an incinerator and check em in with some wood
  14. My .177 drops rabbits just as well as any .22 It's all about shot placement. Shoot them behind the eye and it's the deadest rabbit you'll ever see
  15. How can the police officers brand anything as "reckless" without coming to a conclusion of their investigation and without knowing whether there is any truth in their claims whatsoever? surely the police should have remained impartial until facts found
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