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    I have a keen interest in the outdoor life and the way we used to do things before multi million pound mass produced supermarkets won the monopoly on life!

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  1. Cai Lawson

    Funny old site.

    Fair play, dicks like you are the reason i aint visited this site in years. Calling people a nugget, what a c**t. see ya.
  2. Cai Lawson

    Funny old site.

    Well mate, in this case its failing miserably! I am not interested in Russians nor Muslims and am happily married lol. Can you unban my ip so i dont have to use a mask please? Now I have recovered this account I wont be needing and other nuggety type ones will I.
  3. Cai Lawson

    Funny old site.

    Aye that was me and my limited imagination lol.
  4. Cai Lawson

    Funny old site.

    Yes, i tried several names and used one from the add on the page. I forgot i had this until i tried to register again. TBF though, if its sanctioned for advertisement on the site, where is the issue with it as a user name ?
  5. Cai Lawson

    Funny old site.

    No haha, for the agro of building one, I think I would be better giving the £160 to nvuk. I had a 2nd gen photon but found it hard work so flogged it.
  6. Cai Lawson

    Funny old site.

    Maybe I should have called my self single muslim instead ?
  7. Cai Lawson

    Funny old site.

    I made a new account yesterday and for the life of me I couldn't think of a user name, So I used the advert from the page (meet hot Russians) And was banned LMFAO. Funny no? Any way, there are ways around the bans handed out, I assume they work on the IP? Not a difficult side step.
  8. Cai Lawson

    Wanting Ferreting Opportunities.

    Hi, I have 6 working ferrets kicking their heels atm. I have purse nets, locator bushing dog and a running dog, also bring a young lad put with me with his lurcher. I am living in cardiff and happy to travel to reasonable distance to go ferreting. my main perm is in tewksbury! MY mate and I need to get out more be it days or perms. IF any one can help out please give me a shout. ATB, Cai.
  9. Cai Lawson

    Ferret Permission,but Needing Ferrets..ect..

    Hello maye. I have a few ferrets, bushing dog and semi capable lurcher. I live East Cardiff. Give me a shout if it sounds like I would be handy. NOT to good at carrying stuff or digging though because I broke both me legs, I know a young lad I go with is good for that though
  10. Cai Lawson

    Moving To Mid-Wales

    Sound's good mate, let me know P:)
  11. Cai Lawson

    Moving To Mid-Wales

    I know a knowledgeable fella that I might be able to bring up mate. I have a westie I'd like to give a crack on rats etc, and a pup lurcher who needs to see things. My mate has working terrier and lurcher. I would love to come up for a night. He's a good fella for the way to do things.
  12. Cai Lawson

    Moving To Mid-Wales

    I think u might be right! I guess permission won't be a problem lol. Being on ya own land like. Lucky fella! Lol. Do you know any one where your going?
  13. the dried food it 33% meat, I will up the mince though
  14. Cai Lawson

    Moving To Mid-Wales

    Enjoy the land mate, it's the best
  15. I don't mean he eats only that weight I mentioned. That's just mince.