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  1. use the sako 55 grain game head. unless your rifle is a 1 in 12 twist. i dont think your find very good groups with the 60 grain ammo. as most 22/250 rifles are a 1 in 14 twist and not ideal.
  2. im after one of these or something similar wish you were in the uk
  3. i like the old bushnell legends. very good glass. can be had from £100 to £120 pound. glass is made in the Philippines not the china crap
  4. it sone of those ones you just have to try different ammo. winchester siilver tips shot well in a einchester 22/250 i had. and so does the 50 grain vmax norma
  5. no the cqbs is shorter. i think its only 90 mm over all length
  6. ase are superb had a number of them over the years. but if i was buying again i would go for a lighter mod. the 222 hasnt really got that much bark compared to a 22/250 or 243. richard pope of swift rifles makes some nice mods. there fairly light and have good sound reduction. there also cheaper then the ase. this is where i would loook now.
  7. well its still cheap. i just hope the extra money will help what is a very poor service in some county's. i can see some people pulling there hair out with the waits they have. and then asking them to pay more money for a service which might not improve
  8. i wouldnt bother buying new. i have only ever had one rifle from new. and that was a 22lr. all the others. have been second hand. you get a better deal second hand. and as the 22lr uses very little powder. the chances of one being shot out are very slim. they come from factory with a thumbhole stock. but they cost more of course then the standard ambi stock that is on most of them. ruag is the uk importer for these rifles. i have one and its super accurate. got scope. rings. moderator and eley ammo. 575. i love the 22lr great fun plinking and rabbiting. but a lack of rabbits around t
  9. 55 grain gamehead do the trick. get munty on your ticket though
  10. use to be a lad lee on sd. had alor of ground around the Birmingham area with some good munty on. 55 grain softpoint sako game heads do the job nice
  11. tjink the guy is on stslking directory alot. worth a try on there to
  12. hsvevyou got munjac and cwd on your ticket mate I know the cal is deer legal for them. but bettrr safe then sorry. mine was on my fac for my 22/250
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