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  1. shealy1

    Camel Balls

    lol the wains have not brought them in yet but they look tbe bullocks lol
  2. shealy1

    Couple Pictures Dogs For The Winter

    dog looks nice and strong in third pick down
  3. he dropped tbe gun the copper saw he had a gun then picked it back up and turned his body toward the copper whilst still running why did he not drop it and keep running if I was in the coppers position I wouldn't have took any chances either
  4. shealy1

    Children With Lurchers

    crackers mate the best way to bring them up either around the mutts or out with the ferrets
  5. shealy1

    Very Bad Dailemer

    f**k the jabs the retard went and booked a weeks holiday and forgot about his dogs got to be a wind up
  6. shealy1

    Very Bad Dailemer

    Wow what a very bad DILEMMA to be in
  7. shealy1

    Road Kill

    That guy looks like hes on super drugs
  8. shealy1

    Refurbished Run And New (To Me) Kennel

    A thought it was for hamsters lol
  9. shealy1

    Best Boots With No Budget....

    Complete kak mate
  10. shealy1

    Best Boots With No Budget....

    Couldn't agree more Stiffy, i'm gonna be in the market soon and the thought of £200+ sickens me... I put my bro on to Altberg's for his hill walking as he's a label slave and he loved the thought of made to measure... Me i just wreck em so i really had a look at the Karrimor in S.D. Bloody hell! Some cracking boots there for the money and thats where i'm going next dont do it mate karrmor boots out of sports direct r absolute rubbish bought a pair for work and I never even got three months out of them pure shit man honestly and I work inside mate to they never really got exposed to the elements both the soles came right off the bottom of them
  11. Haha like the third pic lol
  12. Looks a bit like crickets to me
  13. shealy1

    Fao Articgun

    A must say lads fine specimens a really like the fawn one in artics pics
  14. shealy1

    Beaver Hunting

    Av trapped a few fat baldy beavers over the years
  15. shealy1

    Vibrating Dog Collars

    ^^^^^^ theres your answer