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  1. I had this, 3/4 whippet 1/4 saluki, amazing feet and stamina, but definitely slower than a whippet, but a demon on the rats and coming along ferreting and lamping, but by god hard to train, if I lost my rag it was over training her. One minute retrieving to hand, the next not interested, but lamping she would NOT retrieve, kill and come straight back as always, which was frustrating, I left her with my dad while I went on holiday telling him not to treat her harsh, he gave her a crack and she ran off and I’ve never seen her again, if she’d been put back to a whippet it might have kept the tigh
  2. As a kid we had a springer you wouldn't get anywhere near i not immediate family, bit someone who put his hand through the cracked open can window you have never seen so much blood. Very hard mouthed and used to rat, but only went pigeon shooting..
  3. I see plenty of decent labs up for stud. sirely I’d people wanted one they could pay the fee?
  4. fair point , ive only seen a couple and like your self they deff weren't like that young dog, ok it still only a pup , but it not got the bone of a presser . the temp put me off them they never seemed relaxed /friendly even with there owner , but maybe its just the breed temp, i rather have a well bred gsd, they loyal and love there owners and would die for them if i wanted big heavy looking type guard i prob go for a rottie, but 80lb male gsd would stop most people. Exactly why they aren't my thing. If i wanted a guard dog i would get a GSD, malinois or similar as i feel i
  5. I don't know much about them. They aren't my thing. Looking at adds it seems that there are two types being advertised. The ones I have shown here and the big pitbull looking ones. Personally this isn't what I picture when I think of a press Canario. I have put him off taking it to a home and is now getting fed up with it. Three different people have contacted me. I have given them his number and not one person has followed it up.
  6. Finally this picture I stole from an add I gumtree. This is the closest I have found to what the sire and dam looked like.
  7. Right. Some questions. It is a dog. The ears aren't cropped. I got the age wrong it is only 6 months old It is showing some promise barking and guarding but it is a pup The sire and dam as well as pups didn't look like some of the giant pit bulls I see on Google. Bought from a bloke in Gloucester way. He said it came from Spanish imports. I don't necessarily believe this. But he did seem to be into protectio dogs. I an just trying to save it from going into a shelter and I can't take it. The misses is a flat out no. I am including a picture of the adult with the b
  8. Sorry I didn't out a location. The pup is in Lutterworth, Leicestershire
  9. A mate of mine is getting rid of a pup. He shouldn't got it in the first place. It is going to a shelter. I am just hoping to get it somewhere else first. I don't have any pictures.
  10. The first line says they are not targeting people limping rabbits?
  11. Sit back and watch for them sly ones She did. Whilst the terrier where end up she would just sit about 5 yards back
  12. My saluki whippet was good at it. She would pick of rats I didn-t even know had ran
  13. We had a 5 month old alsatian catch my bitch once. We thought t wasn't possible but 8 pups two months later proved otherwise.
  14. Nice pack of dogs. Do the police move you on? i can't imagine most people would mind you taking care of their rats.
  15. Picking up 3 adult rats by the tail at one time, without getting bitten in the process, is my personal record..... My lurcher is a 3/8 hot blood, 3/8 stag hound (long dogs line bred for many generations specifically for hunting coyotes), 1/8 English Pointer, and 1/8 saluki. This video describes why I chose a dog bred like this, and gives more details about her breeding... I have only every tried it when a rat is sat out of reach of then dogs with just it's tail poking out. It wasn-t you then. There was someone in here from America or Australia who had brought a jagd
  16. I've tried pick My tats up by the tail but they always seem to swing up and I turn into a 20 year long old girl. Good video, am I right in thinking your lurcher is a jagd/whippet?
  17. Let me get this strait, these actions might have cost someone a grand or more. Ignoring the livestock, pushing pregnant ewes around and damaging property. Letting sheep onto a road which could have killed someone? People are happy with this? Cut the gate and f@#k the farmer?
  18. My dad has a terrier that will not be broken to ferrets. She has killed 3 of mine over the last two years. If it is furry it is dead. I couldn't trust her along with them and I even managed to get her to the point of going ferreting after the first one. The another escaped and she killed it and that's it now. She will not be broken. The lurchers are not a problem.
  19. I have also seen a roe running flat out down the a38 dual carriageway in Birmingham. I expect they follow the train tracks at night. I worked on the powerlines round Birmingham I found deer everywhere. Waste land, back of unduystrial units etc. I had some good fun under the M42
  20. I took some tempory work at the warehouses near by. It is fully fenced in with loads of rabbits all about the place. They are tame, You can walk within 4yrds of them. There are a couple of round abouts and a McDonald's near me with them.
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