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  1. All rabbits I shoot are for eating, so head shots a must. Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm just pondering with the idea of a round to head shot rabbits up to 100yds which isn't affected by the wind. I have a HMR which does a brilliant job of head shooting rabbits at that range, but it's a bit of a ponce really as its petrified of the wind - so petrified that it stays indoors when even it's just a light breeze outside. It's allergic to the air around us traveling at any slight speed. However I have a 223 which I have been having some issues with, that some of you will recall. I still haven't had time to get different ammo to try in it, or a chance to reload any.
  3. Too true that, can't we setup a group for swapping the 'useless' ammo of one member for the 'useless' ammo of the other? Bullet heads, primers and powder could all be included. There must be a way to make it feasible? I know these components cannot be shipped, but there must be some on here who are local to others. If anyone has a solution to this predicament, count me in. I have some components to swap.
  4. Different opinions from different people. Anyone know the actual true answers instead of personal stipulations and interpretations presumably from HO guidelines. Thanks
  5. Any top tips, before I go on an early morning walk? How to remove the silver skin? Soak or not to soak? Thanks
  6. Seeing that crown has given me assurance that the crown and rifling on my cz 223 is pukka. Must get different ammo.
  7. Optics Warehouse had a Nikon Monarch 3 2.5-10x50 @ £199 2-3 weeks ago. I'd email to ask as they don't put them all on the website
  8. Not selling either, my new Monarch is sat on top of the .223 which are sat in the cabinet, until I get different ammo. Put it on the back burner for now while life, work, relationships etc take over. I will give it another go eventually. That scope I had for sale was a 2nd Monarch I purchased at the same time and I've since sold it on.
  9. No not selling it, need to get around to getting different ammo still. Using the HMR at the moment.
  10. That looks stunning Thanks, any more ideas welcome
  11. E-mail Optics Warehouse and see what they have in. They don't always show everything on the website. I picked up a nice Nikon Monarch 3 2.5-10x50 for £199. It wasn't on the website.
  12. Any good tips on getting the silver skin off? Do you soak the rabbit in salt water at all? Is so, for how long? If not, why not? I usually sit them in saltwater overnight, then put in clean water, boil for 2+ hours, take meat off the bone, then make a curry or stew. Trouble is, the smell of them boiling puts me off eating the darn thing!! Also before the boiling malarkey, there just seems to be so much silver skin, it actually turns my stomach. Any top tips greatly appreciated, I'm sure there are better ways to enjoy rabbit than the way I attempt it. I read somewhere about rabbit
  13. As above, brand new, boxed, complete. BDC £310 posted
  14. Jesus, that doesn't sound good for my curry!! Hollow point next time if that's the case! Thanks
  15. I once read that ballistic tips shred into bits and leave shards of shrapnel in the meat of rabbits. However true or likely untrue this is I don't suppose I'll ever know. The CCIs are really accurate, but my RFD didn't have any so I went for the Federal I hope they are just as accurate as the CCI, but only time will tell. I also hope not to find shards of the bullet in my signature rabbit curry!! Thanks
  16. Currently using the hollow point CCI TNT, next batch is Federal V-Shok Polymer tip. The CCI are tight to chamber, the Federal chamber easier. Both are 17g
  17. After cleaning every outing, did you find a shift in zero?
  18. Mine is at its sweet spot right now. Should I clean it? I have approx 70 rounds left of this batch. The next batch is different brand, so will need re-zeroing whatever. Or should I continue to shoot until accuracy drops off? Thanks
  19. Shame it's too far, cracking opportunity. Get that man a drink
  20. Except you may need the height in order for your scope to clear the barell
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