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  1. Im afraid the time has come folks. This place has become too much for even me to save. The place has gone so far down hill i can never see it making it back to the top and rising again even with my help. Im sorry to have let you all down but im afraid im signing out for the last time. This is not the end for you will always carry a little bit Of me in your posts. goodbye THL please keep condolences to a minimum you will only make it harder on youeself.
  2. Pml who did i pm asking for advice? never happened. But i will pm you the link to the fbi website and you can keep check on their most wanted list there is probably a few interesting articles about bin laden on there you should check tht out between posting here and watching man on man action
  3. Serious question neems do you talk this paranoid immigrant chat to your husband/wife and what do they think of it?
  4. no,you're a fat midget with severe body dysmorphia,sorry. 6ft 2 14stone 3lbs . Nice try though ya manlet. Keep hustling lab will be along shortly to see how much you can bench............ hes already asked that but i was advised not to answer because apparently he PMs incessantly looking for advice. Me? Never asked anybody off here for advice am shredded kunt
  5. Sub 12ft only good for fox at 100 yards wouldn't even consider a deer any further than 70 yards Not serious
  6. no,you're a fat midget with severe body dysmorphia,sorry. 6ft 2 14stone 3lbs . Nice try though ya manlet. Keep hustling 14 stone at 6'2? and i bet that's with a year round bulk. hardly anything to be proud of is it? Thin is in bro u mad?
  7. no,you're a fat midget with severe body dysmorphia,sorry. 6ft 2 14stone 3lbs . Nice try though ya manlet. Keep hustling
  8. I'm ripped up like Rambo no joke. Fek neems
  9. Walk the dog three times a day usually out around 2 hours each day. theres one heavier woman who i can honestly say i have seen walking her dog twice in the last few years said im not giving my dog enough exercise cos i didnt let it off the lead to play with hers. Both her and her dog are extremely unfit looking .Unreal i was stunned
  10. people should be executed for drinking while they are looking after a baby? or for low level criminal damage? neither of them land you in any real trouble IF (huge if) you got arrested for either you'd be out the same day and aside from a fixed penalty never hear about it again. no,I know what you view as the serious crime here,the same as our enlightened court system and police force. Another weakling who accepts antisocial behaviour
  11. Can see your point but if this is how this guy behaves when in charge of his child i dont doubt he has a massive list of previous
  12. Dale, who has no fixed address, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, criminal damage to a car and resisting a police officer. Scumbag
  13. Ye should have asked if he could have stopped at his house on the way home too let you walk through with dirty boots n done a stinking shyt in his toilet. Feck aff it's his taxi if he doesn't want that in it fair enough nothing racist. Also "Taxi man" hahahaha
  14. True never sleep better than after a good squat or deadlift session
  15. A hex/trap bar works more the legs I feel. The barbell works much more back muscles and that's why I prefer it. However I've cut out deadlifting completely . If it's your back you want to work do pull ups , dumbell rows and cable rows and for lower back try hyperextensions . Bad form with good mornings is a sure way to make it worse
  16. Have deadlifted in months haha dont like them too much
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